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Broaden your educational horizons

SFA is a close-knit university with a personal touch. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best education possible. As a graduate student in the Department of Education Studies, you’ll receive the personalized attention you need to develop your knowledge and skills in scholarship and service to your highest potential.

Advanced degrees in education studies require the courage and vision to face current challenges and create effective solutions that respect the diverse student population. At SFA, you’ll develop the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to think outside the box. You will learn to seek new approaches to educating children in ways that enhance children’s individual abilities and foster lifelong learning and success.

Our graduates with master’s degrees in education become elementary and secondary education professionals, researchers, school district specialists, master classroom teachers, consultants and professional development providers. Some serve as adjunct faculty at junior colleges and universities, and others go on to complete doctoral degrees.

Completing your degree

You have six years to complete your SFA graduate program. Courses taken outside this window will not count toward your degree, so please plan accordingly.

If you have taken graduate courses at another university, you may be able to transfer those (or some of those) credits to your SFA degree. Order an official transcript and have it sent to the graduate school. Additionally, send copies (unofficial is okay) to the masters program of your choice for evaluation.

If you began your studies but needed to take a pause, consider SFA’s online completer option. The Department of Education Studies offers an online option for a number of graduate degrees. This is a perfect option for those working full-time, living at a distance from campus or otherwise unable to participate in traditional face-to-face college courses.


Department of Education Studies
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