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The Master of Education in curriculum and instruction features evidence-based research to promote the expansion of the skills and knowledge professionals need in diverse EC-12 educational settings. A holistic approach through theory, research and practical application allows students to develop multitiered skills within their concentration to best meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. This online graduate degree is designed to increase the opportunities and career options for professionals within public, private, nonprofit and corporate EC-12 educational settings.

AY24 Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program Handbook

Core Curriculum

All concentrations must complete the 15 hours (five courses) of core curriculum in addition to the concentration area hours.

Course and Number Course Description
CIED 5300 Foundations of Research in Educational Settings
CIED 5301

Methods of Teaching in Diverse Educational Settings

CIED 5302 Designing and Evaluating Curriculum
CIED 5303 Assessment, Data Analysis and Student Support
CIED 5304 Capstone Project

Concentration Areas

Early Childhood

In addition to the core curriculum hours, the early childhood concentration requires 18 hours specializing in early childhood to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills that are focused on all early childhood educational environments. A three-hour elective is required.

Course and Number Course Description
ECED 5300 Foundations of Early Childhood
ECED 5310 Early Childhood Play and Learning
ECED 5320 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
ECED 5335 Math and Science in Early Childhood
ECED 5345 Leaders and Advocates in Early Childhood
ECED 5315 Curriculum in Early Childhood


K-12 Instructional Coach

In addition to the core curriculum hours, the K-12 instructional coach concentration requires 18 hours in a variety of curriculum and instruction courses to prepare the candidate to effectively serve a district as an instructional coach or in curriculum development. A three-hour elective is required.

Course and Number Course Description
CIED 5305 Becoming a Teacher Leader
CIED 5306 Social Studies in the Elementary School
CIED 5307 Elementary STEM Teaching 1
CIED 5308 Elementary STEM Teaching 2
READ 5308 Foundations of Language and Literacy
ELED 5341 ESL/Bilingual Teaching Methods


Reading Specialist

In addition to the core curriculum hours, the reading specialist concentration requires 21 hours of reading specialist courses designed to develop the candidate’s knowledge and skills that will culminate in a Texas Reading Specialist certification. One completed year of teaching and application to the Educator Preparation Program is required.

Course and Number Course Description
READ 5308 Foundations of Language and Literacy
READ 5310 Curriculum and Instruction
READ 5312 Assessment, Instruction and Evaluation
READ 5314 Professional Learning and Leadership
READ 5316 Disciplinary Literacy
READ 5318 Creating Literate Environments
READ 5328 Practicum in Instructional Coaching


Program Administrative Support:

Coordinator: Dr. Susan Reily
Phone: 936.468.2904


Department of Education Studies
Faculty Directory

Janice A. Pattillo Early Childhood Research Center
Room 209

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13017, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962