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Leaders who become agents for change

Are you a transformational and reflective leader who works to enhance your learning community? Do you strive to serve as a catalyst for meaningful change, foster social justice and promote high expectations of academic excellence for all? If so, SFA's Master of Education in educational leadership is the degree program for you.

The program has a rich history of preparing effective and capable school leaders who enhance the educational setting and focus on instruction for student success. In each course, a field-based component connects your coursework with leadership experiences in a school setting. Curriculum follows standards defined by the State Board for Educator Certification, Texas Core Competencies for Practitioners and Administrators and Educational Leadership Constituent Council.

As an educational leadership student, you’ll examine strategies to build a dynamic learning community by empowering stakeholders, incorporating data-driven research and applying real-world knowledge, skills and dispositions. As you hone your scholar-practitioner leadership, you’ll become a change agent and social justice champion for your institution.

Remote learning for working professionals

At SFA, we believe in supporting busy school professionals who desire to enhance their practice. That’s why the educational leadership program is offered in an online environment. The remote learning option allows you the flexibility to complete your coursework in a time frame that works best for you, so you don’t need to compromise your dedication to your job. 

You’ll work with highly qualified and experienced professors, from the convenience of your home location. All courses for this program are offered online, with regular virtual class meetings.

Promising job opportunities

Upon completing your education at SFA, you can feel confident in your prospects. Job growth for principals at elementary, middle and high schools continues at a steady pace.

Learn more about career opportunities.

MEd in Educational Leadership

This 30-hour program offers a master’s degree with two different concentrations. The program is designed for those who have:

  • an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university
  • valid teaching certification
  • an overall grade point average of 2.5
  • and two years of teaching experience.

Athletic director concentration

The concentration is geared toward the specific skills and knowledge necessary for successful administration of public school athletic programs, as well as supervision of both coaches and student athletes.

Graduate instruction is designed to complement your present role as you achieve new professional goals. As you work toward your degree, you’ll learn the skills needed for athletic administration and fulfill many of the requirements for eventual principal certification. You’ll complete a degree plan during the first three hours of coursework.

Many courses require field-based practicum experiences. You’ll participate in a variety of early and ongoing field-based opportunities in which you may observe, assist, tutor, instruct and/or conduct research. This may occur in off-campus settings such as schools, community centers or homeless shelters. Projects may be determined by the professor or may be developed collaboratively by the student, professor and mentor. The graduate faculty council determines the structure of the field-based experiences.

Each student is required to choose a mentor to work with you on specific field experiences and provide additional opportunities for involvement in administrative-related duties during the course of this preparation program. The collaboration connects coursework with applied skills in the field.

During your final semester of coursework, a comprehensive examination is the culminating program experience determined by the graduate faculty council that will assess your development as a scholar-practitioner leader. Your exam will require you to demonstrate scholarship, inquiry skills and academic accomplishments.

Principal certification concentration

You’ll complete a degree plan during your first semester. In each course, a field-based component connects your university coursework with leadership experiences in the school setting. A scholar-practitioner approach incorporates theory and practice-based learning that focuses on research-based leadership practices, curriculum and instructional leadership, data-driven decision-making, special programs, law, and school and community leadership. 

The program has a rich history of preparing effective and capable school leaders who influence the educational setting and focus on instruction for student success. We are nationally accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and our graduates have over a 90% pass rate on the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards exam.

Learn more about the principal certification preparation.

MEd in Educational Leadership Program Handbook 2023-2024

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