Stephen F. Austin State University

ATCOFA Career Connections


In conjunction with our student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF), we created ATCOFA Career Connections. Our goal for this program is to provide a platform for our students to reach out to employers in their field of choice, for guidance and /or advice about their field as well as a realistic view of employment. This will benefit our students by exposing them to a glimpse of day to day life in the field, guidance on professional development, and confidence of their career choice. Employers will gain insightful experiences through this program with the development of their personal and professional growth, advancement of their leadership and coaching style, and engagement of potential young employees. By mentoring a younger generation, employers will be able to help bridge the gap between varied workplace values and styles.

Below you will find links with contact information to many professionals with additional information about their selves and/or their company. When contacting these individuals, please be courteous to their time as this is a volunteer effort.


Environmental Science

Spatial Science

If you are a professional that would like to volunteer to be a resource out in the field for our students, please email