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Transfer Information

The Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture welcomes students transferring to SFA. Our academic advisors work with transfer students to ensure classes are transferred appropriately and to advise incoming students on courses to take at SFA.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements for students transferring to SFA can be found here.

For admissions questions:

Office of Admissions

Rusk Building, Room 206


Texas Common Course Numbers for Core Classes

When transferring classes from a community college in to SFA, or taking summer classes at a community college, it is important to know which classes will transfer from community college back to SFA so that students may receive the appropriate credit.

Below are documents which will help with this - each discipline has a separate document outlining the Texas Common Course Numbers (TCCN) as well as its equivalent course at SFA.

TCCN - Forestry General Education Requirements

TCCN - Environmental Science General Education Requirements

TCCN - Spatial Science General Education Requirements

Course Equivalency Guide

SFASU Course Equivalency Guide to numerous Community/Junior Colleges within Texas for all majors.

Course Equivalency Guide