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Choose the right technology for the job

If computer science teaches you why computing technology works and information technology teaches you how the technology works, computer information systems (CIS) then answers the question which technology will work best? CIS focuses on the practical applications of technology in a business setting, combining theory and practice to put computing technology in context with the goal of solving business problems.

A career that keeps things humming

Because CIS majors learn to work with a broad array of both software and hardware, their career options are equally broad. You can find opportunities to wear the hat of a database administrator, a webmaster, an IT systems manager, a software tester, a security engineer and countless others. The business world always has a place for problem-solvers!

Meet the movers and shakers

The Department of Computer Science at SFA maintains close ties to business. An advisory council of industry professionals (many SFA alumni) visits every fall to advise the department on keeping our curriculum up to date and to meet with students for career advice and internship and job opportunities. When it’s time to have a little fun, the department also hosts an annual programming contest, and student organizations host regular LAN parties and board game nights.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

All students majoring in computer information systems are required to take a total of 34 semester hours of computer science:

  • CSC 102, 202, 211, 214 and 241 (15 hours)
  • CSC 321 and 323 (6 hours)
  • CSC 411 (1 hour)
  • CSC 426 (3 hours)
  • 9 advanced hours of computer science (excluding CSC 340, 350, 351, 353, 355, 385, 412, 452 and 455)

Additional requirements:

  • 3 hours from: ART 280, 281, 282; DAN 140; MHL 245; MUS 140; THR 161, 163
  • 2 hours from: ENG 200-233H; HIS 151, 152; PHI 153, 223
  • HIS 133, 134
  • PSC 141, 142
  • MKT 351
  • FIN 369 or GBU 147
  • CSC 411 (1 hour) and 426
  • Six advanced hours of computer science (restricted)
  • Elective hours as required

The computer information systems major automatically includes a general business minor. No student may enroll in any business course numbered 300 or higher unless 60 hours of course work will have been completed by the end of the semester for which the student is enrolling. At that time, the following courses should have been completed:

  • CSC 102, 202 and 211 (9 hours)
  • MTH 143 and 144 (6 hours)
  • CSC 214 or 241 (3 hours)
  • Science (8 hours)
  • Freshman English (6 hours)

Computer information systems minor

Requirements (21 hours):

  • CSC 102, 202 and 211  
  • 12 semester hours from the following with at least 6 hours being advanced: CSC 214, 241 and all 3-hour advanced computer science courses (excluding CSC 340, 350, 351, 353, 355, 385, 411, 412, 433, 452 and 455)
  • At least 12 hours of computer science (6 of which must be advanced) must be completed at SFA.

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in minor courses completed at SFA, in advanced computer science courses at SFA and in computer science transfer courses. 

*See General Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements


Department of Computer Science

Physical Address:
STEM Building
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13063, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

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