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East Texas Math Teachers' Circle

STEM Research and Learning Center summer programs have been canceled.

Visit our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, where we will be providing activities through posts and videos.

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The East Texas Math Teachers’ Circle will meet one Tuesday evening per month during the fall and spring semesters. Dinner will be provided at 5:30 p.m., and problem-solving sessions will follow until 8 p.m. Meetings will be located in the Cole STEM Building, Room 401, unless otherwise indicated.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jane Long at or 936.468.1804.

2019-2020 schedule

Sept. 3: "Pizza Cutting and Counting"

Led by: Dr. Nicholas Long

Since pizza encompasses many different food groups and has divided the world (Neapolitan, Milanese, Chicago-style, New York-style, etc.), we will investigate the many ways to cut and count pizza slices. This investigation is more difficult than you may imagine because some people must have crust and others leave the crust behind. Our investigation will involve practical applications with pizza to motivate and fuel us.

Oct. 8: "Was that Random?"

Led by: Dr. Keith Hubbard

Are the digits of Pi random? How could you tell if something was random anyway? And if a secret message wasn’t random, how could you know? We will have some fun talking about randomness.

Nov. 5: "Catenaries and Canaries"

Led by: Dr. Jonathan Mitchell

Come explore the catenary with us. Is it a parabola? A hyperbola? We will take a hands-on look at a shape that finds its way into our every-day lives, such as ropes, archways, cables, and even telephone wires. Oh, and what does this have to do with canaries? Let’s find out.

Dec. 3: "Building Boxes"

Led by: Dr. Jane Long

Following the restrictions of a famous puzzle, we’ll build a really big cube out of somewhat smaller ones. No prior knowledge is required for this activity.

Jan. 21: "What are the Chances?"

Led by: Dr. Matthew Beauregard

Interested in playing or incorporating a board game as a self-discovery exercise in your own classroom? Come join us as we show how simple games of chance, such as the classic game Risk, can be used to discover ideas in probability and counting.

Feb. 18: Pentominos

Led by: Dr. Tom Judson

Join us for an investigation of pentominos, which are similar to dominos but composed of five squares. This activity is appropriate for all levels, and no prior knowledge is required.

March 17: Hexominoes and Nets

Led by: Dr. Clint Richardson

This session will begin with an exploration of hexominoes, which are similar to dominoes but made from six squares rather than two.  From there, we will connect to the idea of nets, which are two-dimensional arrangements that can be folded into three-dimensional shapes.  No prior experience or knowledge is required.

April 14 - canceled

Led by: Dr. Brittney Falahola

May 26: Math Without Words - canceled

Led by: Dr. Jane Long

In this session, we’ll investigate a puzzle with no description or instructions. Intrigued? Join us for this mysterious final session of the year. The mathematics we encounter will be accessible for all.


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