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Fall 2018


Investigations in STEM
Chemistry in a Bag

Oct. 15
This event for middle school students includes an interactive, hands-on activity.
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Investigations in STEM
Robots and Drones

Oct. 18
This event for high school students gives a demonstration of how drones work and how they can be used in educational environments. In the afternoon, students will program EV3 robots to escape from robot Alcatraz.
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Investigations in STEM

Oct. 29
This chemistry event lets high school students work with SFA faculty and staff to create individual rockets. Let students explore how far they can make their rocket fly!
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Investigations in STEM
Egg Drop, Robotic Hand and Slime

Nov. 2
This event is for elementary students of all grade levels.
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Administrator Forum
Nov. 6
Area superintendents, administrators, counselors and teachers, alongside SFA math and science faculty and STEM Center personnel, collaborate to address challenges and recognize opportunities in STEM education for K-12 schools.
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Investigations in STEM
Suture Lab

Nov. 9
Half day (afternoon only)
Pre-health professions programs will offer the suture lab, led by SFA pre-health organizations. During this event, students will learn basic suturing skills. This lab targets 10th-grade students and can accommodate 20 students.
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Investigations in STEM
Physics Rollercoasters

Nov. 14
Students explore mathematical and physical concepts as they design and build their own paper rollercoasters.
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Investigations in STEM

Dec. 7
Half day or full day, based on requests
This simulation is designed for high school students and held at the DeWitt School of Nursing Complex, located north of SFA’s main campus. In the state-of-the-art, fully equipped emergency room simulation laboratory, students will learn blood loss estimation, aseptic techniques, cardiovascular and respiratory assessments, and virtual intravenous techniques.
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Spring 2019


Feb. 22
Almost 2,000 high school students and teachers have participated in SFA STEM Day since 2012! Students will experience a variety of STEM activities, investigate possible future STEM careers and are exposed to a university campus. Working alongside SFA faculty, students will learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics while having fun!
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March 1
Learn about East Texas geology and get introduced to the world of STEM at one of our fun, educational Geo-Days. This day-long workshop introduces teachers and high school students to the tools and skills geoscientists use to investigate the geology of East Texas with a focus on regional energy resources, including coal, oil and gas. Spend the morning in a geology lab investigating the day’s topic, then move outside in the afternoon for fieldwork to learn and practice the skills of a professional geologist.
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Shark Dissections
April 12
This lab is designed for middle school students and explores the anatomy of sharks, giving students hands-on experience in biology. Work with SFA biology faculty in this half-day event.
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Scouting STEM Day
April 13
Scouting STEM Day is designed for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts ages 5 through 12 and features activities that will spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math in a spirit of inquiry and fun. The full day of activities includes conducting chemistry experiments, exploring electricity safely, investigating biology and astrophysics, and observing a planetarium show. The planetarium provides an exciting and educational field-trip opportunity with thrilling voyages of exploration.
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Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
May 17
We invite middle school students to join us for a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. Math students and faculty will engage with students in activities, puzzles and problems that allow for creative problem-solving, all in a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere. These popular festivals are held all over the country. Join us for SFA’s second math festival!
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Summer 2019


iMAS Academy
June 17 - 21
This week of STEM events will spark interest and awareness in sixth- through eighth-grade students from the East Texas area and beyond. Students participate in a different science and math module each day throughout the week for approximately three hours each morning. Hands-on activities in areas such as robotics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, geology, physics, engineering and nursing show students that STEM can be interesting and fun! Registration for the Investigations in Math and Science (iMAS) Academy is limited to 100 students.
To learn more or register, visit our K-12 Outreach page.


Little STEM Jacks
Aug. 5 - 9
Little STEM Jacks encourages children to get excited about science, math, engineering and technology. Kindergarten through fifth-grade students participate in hands-on activities led by SFA faculty and master teachers.
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