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Current Admission Requirements - First Semester Freshmen

Welcome Prospective Freshmen!

SFA is looking forward to meeting your needs as a new freshman. You are encouraged to apply for admission anytime during your senior year of high school, so find out why over 12,000 current Lumberjacks truly love SFA.

An Undergraduate Application for Admission may be submitted as early as one year prior to enrollment, typically in September of the senior year of high school.

First-Semester Freshmen (Checklist)

First-semester freshmen applicants are those who have graduated from high school and have not attended a college or university since high school graduation. Students who have participated in a high school dual credit program or concurrent enrollment program while in high school are considered first-semester freshmen. Freshmen applicants must submit official test results from either the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), official high school transcript with diploma type/graduation type and class rank.

Admissions checklist for first-semester freshmen

Submit the following items:

  • A complete Undergraduate Application for Admission with a $45 application fee.
  • Official ACT or SAT scores. (The SFA school code is 4188 for the ACT and 6682 for the SAT.)
  • An official high school transcript with the numerical class rank, and diploma type.

Points of interest for first-semester freshman

Bacterial meningitis requirement

If you are new to the campus, State law requires students to have a Meningitis shot at least 10 days prior to enrollment.  Your housing assignment will not be complete until we receive your meningitis vaccination record.  For additional information, go to Bacterial Meningitis. You may fax your forms to 936.468.3149 or email to

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Admission Policy

SFA requires first-time freshmen applicants to have completed the Recommended High School Program, the Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement Program with Algebra II or Distinguished with Endorsement Program to ensure they have received adequate preparation for college-level work. Applicants who have not completed one of these programs will need to demonstrate that they have completed a high school curriculum more rigorous than what is required of the Minimum Graduation Plan, Basic Plan or Foundation. Applicants from accredited private high schools and out-of-state high schools will be required to complete a curriculum similar to the Recommended High School Program, Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement program with Algebra II or Distinguished with Endorsement Program.

Applicants for admission to Stephen F. Austin State University will also be required to meet the following class rank and minimum test scores:

High School Class Rank Old SAT
(prior to March 2016)
(math + critical reading)
(After March 2016)
Top 10% No minimum required No minimum required No minimum required
Top 11% to 25% 850 930 17
2nd Quarter 950 1030 20
3rd Quarter 1100 1170 24
4th Quarter File Review File Review File Review

Freshmen applicants who have attempted college-level courses while in high school must earn a 2.0 minimum grade point average on all attempted transferable college course work. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of academic probation during the first semester of enrollment or the withdrawal of the SFA admission offer. Other than the Dual Credit or Concurrent Enrollment Program, SFA does not admit any applicant for any semester that begins prior to the graduation of his/her high school class.

Those applicants who graduate from non-ranking high schools, non-accredited high schools, who are home schooled or received a General Education Development (GED) certificate will be assessed on an individual basis. Any student attending a non-ranking high school, non-accredited high school must submit an official high school transcript and official SAT or ACT scores. Home schooled applicants must submit official SAT or ACT scores and academic records of their high school curriculum. GED applicants must submit official GED scores and SAT or ACT scores. Applicants whose academic background indicates probability of success may be admitted.

Application fee

All new undergraduate admission applicants are required to submit a non-refundable application fee of $45. The application fee for international admission applicants is $50.

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Review Process

Admission files of applicants who do not have a minimum of the Recommended High School Program, the Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement Program with Algebra II or Distinguished with Endorsement Program and those who do not meet the rank-in-class and test score requirements will be individually reviewed.

Admission will be offered to those applicants who demonstrate potential for academic success. It is recommended that applicants complete Part II of the Texas Common Application as this information will assist with the review process. Factors used in the review process include an applicant’s high school record to include high school preparation, class rank, and standardized test score on the SAT or ACT. Additional factors such as high school activities, responsibilities while attending high school, and bilingual proficiency. Admission will be granted to students who have been awarded competitive scholarships by an official SFA scholarship committee and meet the Uniform Admissions Policy, TEC 51.803-51.809.

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