Stephen F. Austin State University

MS in Biology

Goals of the Department of Biology M.S. Program

M.S. Programs in the Department of Biology

I. M.S. Biology. Students may choose the thesis or non-thesis option. The thesis option requires (30) credit hours of course work and the completion of a thesis. To select this option, a student must find a faculty member will to serve as an advisor/thesis director - See a list of faculty members.

Students who choose the non-thesis option must complete (36) hours of course work determined by their non-thesis faculty advisor.

Thesis or non-thesis students may, in consultation with their faculty advisor, select an appropriate minor to complement their courses in Biology.

II. M.S. Biotechnology. The Biotechnology M.S. is available only as a thesis option. It consists of (36) hours of course work, (30) of which are stipulated by the Biotechnology curriculum and (6) of which my be selected, in conjuction with the thesis advior, from related fields of study (e.g. chemistry, biochemistry, biology, or other suitable fields).

Admission Requirements

Complete admission requirements may be found in the most current Graduate Bulletin.

Financial Support

Each semester, the Biology Department may be able to offer Graduate Teaching Assistantships or Graduate Research Assistantships to well qualified M.S. students. These assistantships will be awarded on a competitive basis. See the Graduate Assistantship Application form.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Dr. Stephen Mullin

Miller Science Building, Room 101
(936) 468-3601

Dr. Matthew Kwiatkowski, Graduate Program Advisor
Room 241 Miller Science Building
(936) 468-5986