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Problem-solving partners

SFA is proud to attract great thinkers and explorers bent on solving the mysteries of life. Whether saving endangered plant species or developing a cure for a dreaded disease, students majoring in biology are working to ­change the world.

The Department of Biology offers a bachelor’s degree with three concentrations as well as two master’s degrees. Whatever your course of study, world-class professors will guide you in learning to problem-solve the complexities of life on Earth through the framework of the scientific method.

Degrees and areas of study offered

The biology department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science

Major Academic Planners (Degree MAPs)

Undergraduate degree major academic planners serve as a guide for taking the right courses in the right order as you make your way toward filing your official degree plan. A Degree MAP is a semester-by-semester sequence of courses that suggests courses you should complete each semester to be “on track” to graduation. To find the suggested Degree MAP for your area of study, explore the list below.

These documents are provided as a resource. Always consult with your academic advisor to ensure you're on track.


Department of Biology

Physical Address:
Miller Science Building
Suite 101

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13003, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962