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Uncover the building blocks of life

Are you fascinated by the mysteries of the molecules that build organismal life? Do you geek out on genome sequences and DNA replication? Are you in tune with cell signalling?

You’ll find your kind here at SFA: serious academics who appreciate a hands-on hunt into the secrets of the living form. Our professors with expertise in cellular and molecular biology are always welcoming inquisitive and motivated students into their high-tech labs. That is correct – we do not restrict hands-on learning to grad students. We believe in learning by doing, and we are proud to say that Lumberjacks are doing great things.

Build knowledge, construct a career

Much like the molecules you can study, a degree in biology with an emphasis on cellular and molecular biology serves as the basis for building a rewarding career. You can leverage this academic foundation in pursuit of further scientific, medical and professional studies. Conduct life-changing research in a lab, provide scientific insight to business or government, describe the latest scientific discoveries as a technical writer or share your knowledge and experience with the next generation as an educator.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in cellular and molecular biology

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in cellular and molecular biology learn and explore in SFA’s high-tech labs with the help of experienced professors.


Department of Biology

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