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The study of life

As you begin a new chapter in your life amidst the gorgeous East Texas Piney Woods that surround SFA, it is only natural to think deeply about the ecosystem that surrounds you. You might find yourself wondering how treefrogs communicate, which pharmaceuticals are derived from fungi or what principles of sexual selection fish use in choosing their mates.   

Turn these curiosities into a serious course of study by pursuing a degree in biology. At SFA, world-class professors will lead you through an exploration of the organismal world. You’ll learn to problem-solve through the framework of the scientific method. And along the way, you’ll gain a refined perspective of life’s intricate beauty and its challenging complexity.

A natural career path

A biology degree provides a broad platform from which to jump into professional life. Make important scientific discoveries in lab or fieldwork, practice healthcare with further studies in medical, dental or veterinary school, or guide students through the study of life by teaching what you have learned.

Learn more about careers in biology.

Get your hands dirty

The majestic forests in East Texas are among the most diverse ecosystems in the nation, and you will get up close and personal with the life within them. At SFA, we keep class sizes small and give you plenty of time in the field and the lab, working alongside your professors. You will graduate with levels of experience in research and field work that are hard to come by at other universities.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Earning a biology degree prepares you for several rewarding careers, such as a researcher, medical practitioner or teacher. The degree offers several concentrations and areas of study, ensuring that you can choose coursework that aligns with your interests and career goals. Students interested in a biology major can choose to pursue specializations in a number of disciplines, including:

Students should consult an advisor to determine specific degree requirements.

A minimum grade of C is required in all courses that are prerequisites to a biology course.

JacksTeach (Secondary Education)

JacksTeach is a replication site of UTeach, a nationally recognized STEM teacher preparation program. It is designed to allow students to obtain a four-year bachelor's degree and be eligible to seek a secondary teaching certification without adding any additional semesters of coursework. Contact JacksTeach at 936.468.3960 or 

Biology minor

A biology minor gives you a solid basis of understanding in biology and provides the opportunity to explore specialty topics within the discipline. You can expand on core knowledge by selecting from a diverse range of specialized upper-division biology courses.

Pre-Health Professions Program 

Biology students seeking a career in health care may join the pre-health professions program for guidance on meeting admissions requirements to professional schools and allied health programs. Learn more about SFA’s pre-health professions program.

Graduate programs and requirements

The Department of Biology offers graduate degree programs for students interested in earning a Master of Science.


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