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Curiosity is in our nature

Do you want to understand the diversity of form and function in the living world? Are you passionate about preserving natural resources? Great! We share your excitement and welcome like-minded students into our labs, research support facilities, and our unique field sites – a large greenhouse, collections of entomological, vertebrate and herbarium specimens and thousands of hectares of forest.

Natural career paths

Evolutionary biologists and ecologists have broad and interesting career opportunities. They find employment in a range of settings such as forests, zoos, museums and botanical gardens.  Their skillsets enable them to teach the next generation to protect and preserve nature, find breakthroughs as a lab researcher or guide the public’s understanding of our natural environment by working in a national park.

Undergraduate programs and requirements

Bachelor of Science in Biology with an ecology and evolutionary biology emphasis

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology learn and research in SFA’s greenhouse and herbarium, preparing them for a range of career opportunities.


Department of Biology

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Miller Science Building
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