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A Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree with a focus on wildlife management

The forest wildlife management concentration is a STEM degree designed for forestry students interested in wildlife biology, ecology and management. The concentration combines general forestry coursework with specific issues faced by modern wildlife professionals, such as concerns about biodiversity and sustainability and conservation.

You’ll graduate from this program with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry as well as the skills and experience you need to find rewarding work in settings such as national wildlife refuges, government agencies, private corporations, or nonprofit organizations. You’ll also be prepared to apply to graduate school or pursue professional certifications.

Careers in forest wildlife management

Students who choose a Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a concentration in forest wildlife management will leave SFA with the skills and expertise to pursue a variety of career paths. This program also provides you with the academic credentials you’ll need to apply for career-specific certifications, such as the Certified Wildlife Biologist designation from The Wildlife Society or the Certified Forester designation from the Society of American Foresters.  

Transformative, meaningful learning experiences   

During your time in the program, you’ll have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and participate in hands-on learning activities. Learn the science of wildlife management, experience the outdoors, and get the kind of transformative education that goes beyond what is just learned from a lecture or a textbook.

Some of our transformative, field-based learning activities include:

  • Internships. Forestry students at SFA have the opportunity to complete professionally rewarding paid internships with a variety of organizations, including national parks and wildlife refuges, government agencies, nonprofit conservation organizations, and private corporations.
  • Summer field station. All students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a concentration in forest wildlife management spend six weeks at the summer field station. During this field experience, you’ll complete advanced, hands-on learning activities such as surveying, mapping, timber inventory and wildlife sampling.
  • Research. All forestry majors get the opportunity to learn by doing through the cutting-edge research conducted by forestry faculty and graduate students. These experiences are incorporated into field laboratories and student work projects.

Bachelor of Science in Forestry, concentration in forest wildlife management

In addition to completing the general education and core forestry curriculum, students pursuing the wildlife management concentration will take courses in forest wildlife management, wildlife techniques, wildlife habitat management, wetland wildlife management, wildlife population ecology and nongame wildlife ecology, among others.

This concentration also includes a six-week summer field station.

Check out the forestry curriculum concentration options guide.

*See the Undergraduate Course Bulletin for additional details, guidelines and requirements.



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