Stephen F. Austin State University


Parking Permit Information

Members of the university community who park on campus must obtain a permit from Parking Services. The permit must be properly displayed for a vehicle to be legally parked on campus. Faculty, staff and students may register multiple vehicles and the hangtag may be moved to any vehicle being operated by the permit purchaser.

Throughout the year, parking lots and garages will be impacted by various events including, but not limited to: Student move in and move out, Commencement, Reunions, Athletic events and Construction.

Parking on Aikman Drive:

Parking along Aikman Drive near the Austin Building is limited to those members of the SFA faculty and staff, as designated by the president and vice presidents, who have a current, valid "AA" permit.

Loading Zones:

Loading zones/docks are intended for the delivery of bulky items that cannot be carried long distances. The operator of a vehicle making deliveries must be actively loading or unloading the vehicle with the flashers engaged, and may not be parked in the loading zone for longer than 15 minutes. When loading/unloading is completed, the vehicle must be relocated to the assigned lot. If the loading/unloading activity will take longer than 15 minutes contact Parking Services for assistance.

Temporarily Sick or Injured Permit: A temporary permit, valid for up to one week, may be obtained by a person who is temporarily disabled, due to illness or injury, to park in areas other than the area designated on his/her regular valid permit. An application for this permit must be accompanied by a doctor's statement. Parking assignments will be made in keeping with available resources. Those requiring disabled parking in excess of one week must obtain a state temporary disabled placard by completing the form located online at .