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Parking Citations

Parking Services has been charged with protecting the rights of the permit holders. Therefore, citations are issued to any vehicle parked in violation of the Parking Regulations. Parking enforcement ensures that students and staff will have a reasonable opportunity for parking and that individuals without appropriate authority or who have parked in an inappropriate area will be cited. Fewer parking violators equals more parking spaces.

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Violators will be issued a citation and may be towed, depending on the offense. Vehicles may be towed or booted at the owner's expense after receiving three citations or for flagrant violations as noted in the Regulations.

Payment of citations

Students, faculty or staff who have received a citation may submit payment in person at the Business Office, located on the second floor of the Austin Building, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or may pay online through the Parking portal of mySFA.

Visitors who receive a parking citation should follow the instructions printed on the back of the citation.

Failure to pay citation charges

Unpaid citations can result in student financial holds preventing students from receiving grades, refunds, official transcripts or graduating. Ten (10) or more violations, paid or unpaid, within one academic year may result in suspension of driving and parking privileges on campus and/or disciplinary action.

Vehicle immobilization or impoundment

Parking Services or UPD may immobilize (boot) or impound (tow/relocate to a storage area) the vehicle of any person who accumulates three or more unpaid parking citations without a SFA parking permit, violation of the terms of a conditional release, parked in an ADA space without displaying a state ADA placard or license plate, or illegally using an ADA permit assigned to another individual, parked in any space without a permit for that area, or is in possession of a lost, stolen or altered parking permit.

All outstanding citations must be paid in full prior to the release of the vehicle. Vehicles may also be booted for other violations of these regulations or state law at the discretion of UPD. The university is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during booting, towing, relocation, or storage. After notice has been posted on the vehicle, vehicles booted for longer than three days may be impounded (towed to a storage area). The owner and operator are responsible for any booting, towing or storage fees.

Immobilization (wheel lock)
A vehicle may be immobilized in place if:

  • it is parked anywhere on campus without displaying a current permit and has three or more unresolved citations; or
  • the owner or operator violates the terms of a conditional release; or
  • it is parked illegally in a handicap space without displaying a proper permit; or
  • the owner or operator illegally uses a handicap permit to obtain parking privileges; or
  • it is parked in any space without a permit for that area; or
  • other flagrant violations of the Parking Services Regulations.

No vehicle may be towed without the express approval of the University Chief of Police, the Director of Parking or their designee. Fees for tow away will be included on the SFA bill if owner is a student or faculty or staff member. Others may pay at the university Business Office, located in the Austin Building, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Parking Citation Appeals

Any person issued a university citation may file their first appeal of the citation through the Parking Portal available by logging into their mySFA account. Second appeals may be filed by returning the Second Appeal of Citation form to the Parking Services office within ten (10) days of the results of their first appeal.

The appeals process

Our appeals process takes into consideration many factors and is judicial in its renderings. This process allows us to consider extenuating circumstances, as well as provide an educational experience for those first-timers on campus. The appeals process not only provides the appellant with an objective review of the appeal, it also provides Parking Services the opportunity to evaluate university parking rules and regulations, as well as signs and markings.

The appeal process is two-tiered. The initial appeal is adjudicated by the Director of Parking or designee and the decision is sent to the appellant via their official SFA email account. If the appellant is not satisfied with the decision, they may file a final appeal within ten (10) days of the original appeal decision. The final appeal will be adjudicated by the appropriate Appeal Board. Student citations shall be appealed through the Student Government Association's Supreme Court. Faculty and staff citations shall be appealed through the Faculty/Staff Traffic Appeals Board. All decisions of these boards are final.

Dates on which the Appeals Court meet are posted and made available at the Parking Services office. Persons wishing to appear before the Appeals Board for a final appeal may do so in lieu of a written appeal. It is the responsibility of the person appealing to obtain the date and time the Appeals Court will meet so that they may appear in person.

Common reasons for denial of appeal

  • "I admit I was illegally parked, but I was only gone a few minutes."
  • "I knew it was a no-parking zone, but cars park there all the time and never get ticketed."
  • "I was using my personal car for university business."
  • "I didn't know I couldn't park there."
  • "I was ill and had to use the restroom."

Best ways to avoid citations

Below are some of the most common ways in which to avoid a citation. In a perfect world, everyone who brings a vehicle on campus would purchase a parking permit and park only in those areas for which they are permitted.

  • Parking regulations on this campus require that everyone who parks on campus properly display a valid, current parking permit.
  • Parking on campus is by permit only, with the exception of the pay parking lot on Wilson Drive and Student Center Garage. If you don't have a permit, do not park on campus.
  • Become familiar with the locations in which your permit is valid and only park in those locations.
  • Do not park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities unless you have the proper Disabled permit/license plate and an SFA permit. The university strongly supports the ADA and stiff fines are issued to cars parked illegally in these spaces.
  •  Be sure to properly display your permit. You will be issued a citation if the officer cannot see your permit. Instructions on how to display the permit are printed on the back.
  • Any vehicle may park in a Loading Zone (LZ) for 15 minutes with its emergency flashers on to load/unload.
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the Parking Regulations.
  • Always park with your right wheels to the curb, except when parking on a one-way road. Parking an automobile, on the wrong side of the street, creates a liability situation.
  • Never park backwards in a diagonal space as this creates a safety issue.


Parking Services
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