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Building Captains

Building Captains for 2023-24
The Emergency Response Plan for each building can be obtained by directly contacting the Building Captain.
Emergency Planning Handbook for Building Captains

Building Captain Ext/Phone Email
Agriculture Building Joey Bray 4144
Ag Farm (Beef) Cobey Hendry 985.514.3516
Ag Farm (Equine) Cassie Montesano 501.284.0755
Ag Farm (Poultry) Chris LaHaye 936.645.0229
Arboretum David Creech 936.679.3460
Advancement Services Sarah Sargent 2278
Art Annex Ron King 4416
Art Annex (Film Building 318 E Starr) Brad Maule 1479
Athletics Loree McCary 5800
Austin Building Stephanie Williams 2013 
Baker Pattillo Student Center Nick Stallworth 1329
Boynton Building Jerri Cates 4001
Cole Stem Building Julie Stephens 2805
Early Childhood Research Center Tammy Wiggins 1293
ECRC Education Studies Heather Stewart 6483 
Education Annex Kinesiology Deanna McCollum 4502
Ferguson Liberal Arts Gina Ajero 2385
Fine Arts Scene Shop/Theater (temporary) Richard "Taz" Powers 1333
Forestry Christen Myles 3301
Forestry Laboratories Kenneth Farrish 2331
Griffith Fine Arts Building Stephen Bacarisse 1167
Grounds and Transportation Angela Harless 5107
(Kennedy Auditorium) (temporary) Diane Peterson 1024
Health Services Erin Hamilton 2026
Housing Operation Center Judy Duffin 6601
HPE Complex Kayla Smith 1875
Human Science Building North & South Gennesha Deckard 
Human Service Telecom Building Troy Davis 1238 
Lehmann Chemistry Building Tania Benavides 2143
Math Building Keith Hubbard 1533
McGee Business Building Allison Thornton 1491
McKibben Education Heather Hawkins 1410
Miller Science Building Shana Scott 3701/936.635.9151
Music Preparatory Building Alba Madrid 1019
Pearman Alumni Center Amber Lindsay 3407
Physical Plant Building
(on Wilson Dr.)
Matt Romig 7232 
Physical Plant Building
(on Wilson Dr.)
Ryan Dietrich 7261
Rusk Building Sarah Storts 1872
Social Work Building Carol Levine 5105
Steen Library Jonathan Helmke 1537
Student Recreation Center Grace Saldana-Romero 1569
Kenneth Morton 1401
University Police Department Whitney Mask 1124
Wright Music Building Melissa "Missy" Devine 1170

Mental Health Referral List - Nacogdoches

This list is a sample of mental health providers local to the Nacogdoches area.  There may be other clinicians in your area, which you can find listed in the Yellow Pages (e.g., under “psychologists” or “counseling”), or by using Google.  The names on the list are not endorsements.

Public Sex Offender Registry

State law requires persons convicted of or placed on deferred community supervision for certain offenses to register as a sexual offender. Offenders who committed "sexually violent" offenses (most contact offenses) must register for the remainder of their life, even after completing probation or parole. Others (some non-contact offenses) may not be required to register ten years after completing their term of probation or parole. You may access the Texas Sex Offender Registration website free of charge.


University Police Department
936.468.2608 | 800.816.4657
Fax: 936.468.3984

Physical Address:
232 East College St.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13062, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962