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The UPD offers a wide variety of crime prevention programs to our campus community numerous times a semester, either by a pre-scheduled course or upon request. Persons or groups requesting that a course be taught can customize the course to cover one or several topics. Contacting the UPD at 936-468-2608 for more information. The courses offered, include:

  • Personal Safety Awareness - teaches people to be more aware of their surroundings including location, people, possible escape routes, emergency call phones and safe paths of travel. University services are also discussed such as personal escorts by vehicle or on foot.

  • Residential and Office Security - teaches our community members basic safety protocols to follow in securing their personal items; locking their doors when the room is not being occupied or even if occupied; not leaving personal items unattended in classrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias or walking tracks.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness - Informs persons of the potential dangers of leaving drinks unattended at clubs or parties, not going out alone, using the buddy system, and knowing where you are going and who you are going with.

  • Rape Aggression Defense - A course taught free of charge to anyone interested. This course provides attendees with information, tactics, and considerations which will be useful for various types of abductive encounters perpetrated against women.

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness - A course taught to educate attendees of the affects of drug and alcohol use. The attendee is made aware of how the use will effect their academic status, possible disciplinary sanctions imposed, and possible criminal charges that could be filed in criminal courts.

  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events - UPD has certified instructors to present this nationally-recognized program to our community members to offer options if they are confronted with an active shooter or other hostile event.



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