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The University Police Safety Emergency Management Division is the primary issuer of campus alerts. This campus notification system is in compliance with the Clery Act requirement for timely notifications to provide students, faculty and staff with timely notification of crimes that represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community and heighten awareness. You may review the university's Timely Warning Policy 13.22.

Jack Alert is a campus wide emergency alert system that automatically sends text messages, emails and voice alerts to the SFA community. 

Jack Alert FAQ

How do I register for Jack Alert?

To register to receive Jack Alert, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Log in to your mySFA account.
  2. Click on "Sign up for Campus Alerts."
  3. Choosing the My Account tab, register your mobile phone number and/or email address.

What devices can I register?

You may register:

  • cell phones to receive text messages and voice calls
  • home or office phones to receive voice calls, and
  • email addresses other than your SFA account.

You can register up to three devices or addresses in each category. This will allow you to add parents, guardians and/or spouses if you want them to receive alerts also. The two numbers used when receiving text alerts are 67283 and 226787. Users should save these numbers in their contact list under Jack Alert.

Will the outdoor siren system be changed?

The outdoor siren system does not change in any way, and will continue to be tested monthly. Jack Alert only compliments the outdoor siren/speaker system.

What if I need help registering for Jack Alert?

If you need assistance, contact the UPD at

Facebook and Twitter

In addition to Jack Alert, the university will post alert information on Facebook and Twitter:

UPD also uses social media to communicate non-emergency information to the campus community. The daily crime log, training opportunities, Clery Act Information (Right to Know), and other useful information is available on the UPD Facebook and Twitter accounts.


University Police Department
936.468.2608 | 800.816.4657
Fax: 936.468.3984

Physical Address:
232 East College St.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13062, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962