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Anyone may report a concern about an SFA student. Listed below are various types of reports. If you would like to consult with us before submitting a report, call the Dean of Students Office at 936.468.7249.

If there is an immediate risk to health or safety, call the University Police Department at 936.468.9111.

Reporting forms

If you are unsure which report to file, complete the Incident Report form.

iCare Report

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit an iCare Report if they are concerned about behavior that may be impacting a student’s academic success. Concerns may include:

  • absences
  • hospitalizations
  • death
  • mental health

Our Student Outreach and Support team will reach out to the student to assess what support or resources are appropriate. iCare referrals are received during normal business hours and not monitored after hours, on weekends or SFA's university holidays.

Incident Report

Use the Incident Report to report general incidents of misconduct, including:

  • alcohol use
  • drug use
  • physical assault
  • organizational violations
  • hazing incidents
  • or disruptive behavior.

Note: this route is not confidential.

Incident Report forms are reviewed by our staff members during regular business hours.

Notifying Faculty of Absence (university-sponsored and other)

University-sponsored institutional absences

Excused absences may be granted for institutional purposes from otherwise-required academic activity only when a valid institutional absence is approved by the appropriate administrative unit or official.

Institutional absence criteria and approval process.

Other absence notifications

If you know you'll miss class for a legitimate reason other than a university-sponsored trip, notify your instructors through an online faculty notification request.

Note: This is not equivalent to an excused absence. This form is provided as a courtesy to you and your instructors.

Police Reports

Those wishing to file a police report should do so at the University Police Department, located at 232 E. College St.

If you wish to file an anonymous report, you may do so through the Rave guardian app, which can be downloaded to your smart phone.

Student Conduct Records and Dean's Certification Request

If you need to obtain your student conduct records or have a Dean's certification completed for a background check or university transfer, submit the online records request form.


Title IX

If you have directly experienced sex- or gender-based misconduct on campus or during a university-sanctioned event, use the Title IX Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form to report the incident.

You have the option to include your contact information or file anonymously. The university’s ability to take action might be limited without the knowledge of who was impacted by the incident. Visit the Title IX Office website for more information.

Responsible Employee Reporting

If you are a university employee reporting an incident you have been made aware of as a Responsible Employee, use the Responsible Employee Reporting Form. Responsible Employees with questions about their federal and state mandatory reporting responsibility should contact the Title IX Office at 936.468.8292 or

General concerns

Use the general concern reporting form for:

  • Campus environment concerns
    • safety or security related, such as burned out lights, excessively dark conditions at night, broken benches, windows, etc. 
    • or anything that causes a negative student experience on campus.
  • Any concern that is not covered by the other reporting options listed on this webpage.

Do not use this form as a way to report a suspected crime-in-progress. Call UPD at 936.468.9111.

Concerns about a faculty or staff member

If you have a concern about a faculty or staff member that doesn't fit the reporting options above, visit our Concerns About Faculty/Staff webpage for details on finding resolution for your concern.


Dean of Students Office
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Physical Address:
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Mailing Address:
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