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Clearance to operate university motor vehicles must be obtained prior to operating a vehicle.

See the University Police Department policy Training and Certification of University Vehicle Operators.

The UPD maintains the list of current authorized drivers for the university. An employee must be listed on the list of current authorized drivers before driving a vehicle owned or leased by the university. It is the responsibility of the individual driver and the department to verify that the employee is currently authorized to drive a state vehicle in accordance with UTS 157.

Requirements for Authorized Drivers

SFA UPD shall ensure that any approval given to operate a university-owned vehicle meets all requirements of an Authorized Driver. Authorization of drivers for the use of university-owned vehicles for official university business shall be limited to employees of the university. A Defensive Driving Course training for each authorized driver must be taken at least every three years.

Authorized drivers and persons seeking a position that requires authorization to operate a university-owned vehicle for official university business will be evaluated on the most recent thirty-six (36) month history reflected on their MVR, and points will be assigned by the Institution according to Appendix B. If the total points equal four (4) or more for the immediately preceding thirty-six (36) months, the person shall not be authorized to operate a university-owned vehicle for official university business. 

To become an approved driver and van driver, you must email the following forms to

  1. Approved Drivers Application 
  2. DPS Driving Record - DO NOT send the form in the mail or request a driving record online.
  3. A copy of the front of your driver's license
  4. Your email address in the body of the email
  5. Copy the department head and/or supervisor in the email

The employee's driving record will be checked every quarter. 

Out of State Driver's License

If an employee currently lives or previously lived outside the state of Texas or recently moved to Texas, the employee should obtain the Motor Vehicle Record check from the appropriate state prior to operating a university vehicle. 

Van Driver Safety (15 or fewer passengers)

Drivers of 15 or fewer passenger vans must also pass van training online and behind the wheel before the activity or event, but at least every three years for regular employee travel and yearly under the Student Travel Policy. 

To sign up for the training van training, contact UPD at Once assigned to the van training, you will receive an email. You have two weeks to complete the online training and behind-the-wheel training.

Every department will designate a van instructor who will conduct the behind-the-wheel training. This instructor must be van certified, and their van certification must be currently active. Once the online van and behind-the-wheel training are completed, please email the certificate to You will receive an email confirming you are van-certified and eligible to drive vans.

The SFA UPD will add an employee to the list of authorized drivers only when the University Fleet Manager has received an acceptable Driving Record and a defensive driving course certificate has been received from UTSA SFA PD, notification from Human Resources that the Driver Safety Training is complete [DD2], and completion of training for the use of 12 passenger vans if applicable. Employees who do not complete the required defensive driving course every three years or the required driving training for the use of 15 or fewer passenger vans every three years may be removed from the authorized driver's list without notice.

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