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Surveillance Camera System

Public Safety Technology

Security Systems are installed for the protection of our students, employees, and visitors. To request to have a new surveillance camera system installed in your department, please complete the Work Request Form and email the completed form to Once we have received the request, we will review the request and then consult with the requesting department representative to determine the most effective system to be used and the most effective location of the system to achieve the desired objective. After the consultation, the request will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, or designee, and approved, disapproved, or recommend modifications.

Upon final approval, the cost of the new equipment and the installation is the responsibility of the requesting department. Departments faced with unique situations pertaining to the purchase and/or installation may request an exception to this section of the policy, in writing, from the Chief of Police and the appropriate vice president or president's designee.

Once the system is installed, the UPD's Public Safety Technology team will monitor operation and functioning of the system at no cost to the department. Stand-Alone Systems are prohibited.

All security system repairs must be ordered through the UPD's Public Safety Technology team. You may request such repair by completing and returning the Work Request Form. Any single repair expense of $200 or less will be covered by UPD, while the portion of any single repair expense in excess of $200 will be billed to the requesting department.

Once a surveillance camera system is installed, it may not be removed, relocated, or modified without the approval of the Chief of Police, or designee. To request the removal or modification of a surveillance camera system, complete the Work Request Form. The request will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, or designee, and will be approved, disapproved, or recommend modifications to the request.


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