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Parking Permits

Where can I park to purchase a parking permit?

You may park in the 20 minute spaces on the southwest corner of Lot 21 (short term pay lot) while conducting business with Parking Services.

I am an on-line student and I don't park on campus on a regular basis. Do I need to buy a permit?

Everyone who parks on campus needs to have a permit or pay for short-term parking. If you occasionally come to campus you may park in the Student Center Garage or Lot 21 and pay the associated hourly rate or you may purchase daily parking permits, sold in packs of 5 for $15.

What happens if my permit is lost or stolen?

You must immediately complete a lost/stolen permit report and obtain a replacement permit. Cost for replacement is $25. If a lost or stolen permit is found on a vehicle, the car will be immobilized (booted)/towed and violator will be charged. Permit holders are responsible for citations issued to their permit regardless of vehicle ownership.

I have a parking hangtag, but I forgot it. What can I do?

As a courtesy to the university community, we dismiss 3 tickets per year for permit holders who are properly parked in a valid area but fail to display their permit. If you have received 3 warnings for the academic year, you must either purchase a daily permit for $3.00/day, or park in the Student Center Parking Garage or Lot 21 at the hourly rate.

I need to drive a different vehicle. What do I need to do?

Update your vehicle information through the mySFA Parking portal or send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • SFA ID #
  • Permit Number
  • License Plate
  • Make (Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc.)
  • Color (white, black, blue, etc.)
  • Style (2-door, 4-door, pickup, SUV, etc.)

We will add the vehicle to your record. Please remember to move your permit to the vehicle you will be driving.

Do I have to get a permit on a car I am borrowing while mine is in the shop?

Your parking permit is a hangtag and may be moved to whatever vehicle you will be using on campus. We require that all vehicles are registered with Parking Services.

My friend is leaving campus. Can I use or purchase their parking permit?

No. Parking permits are not transferable, and are valid only when purchased from Parking Services. Please notify University Police immediately if anyone attempts to sell you an SFA parking permit.

Parking Spaces

If I arrive on campus late in the morning, where is the best place to park?

If you arrive on campus after 9 a.m., you will find it easier to locate a space in the Commuter Lot 47 near the Coliseum as there are plenty of available spaces and a SFA shuttle bus provides service from Lot 46 (across the footbridge), to Lot 14 near the Recreation Center and the STEM circle drive.

Why does it cost more to park in a garage than a surface lot?

From a financial perspective, it costs a great deal more to build and maintain a safe and structurally sound garage versus a surface lot.

Where can I park on holidays?

There are two types of holidays:

Student Holidays - where employees work and there are no classes (Spring Break, etc.) During these days, a student can park in any student parking area (All Permit or Resident), but may not park in the faculty/staff spaces.

University Holidays - where the university is closed. Anyone may park in any legal spot on campus during these days, with the exception of the Reserved spaces.

What do I do for football and basketball games?

Many of the lots around the stadium and Coliseum are used for football and basketball parking. Check the Parking Services web page for information regarding parking options during events.

Are there enough parking spaces?

There are enough spaces on campus for students, staff, faculty, and visitors we have daily at SFA. The problem is that some of the spaces are not as close as desired.

How many parking spaces are available on campus?

There are approximately 8,000 parking spaces available on campus.

Why is my parking lot closed for an event?

The university sponsors many events, (academic, athletic, and cultural), throughout the course of each year. Parking on the SFA campus is a very critical commodity as there are about 8,000 spaces to satisfy the multiple daily requirements for the 15,000 staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Parking Services uses spaces and lots for multiple reasons, including events and athletic games.

Can I park in a Visitor space?

Visitor parking spaces are reserved for official visitors to campus. SFA faculty, staff and students may not park in visitor spaces at any time.

Where do we park to run into the Student Center for a few minutes?

Parking in the Student Center Garage is $2.00 for the first hour and $1.00 each hour after using the Parkmobile app. There are also 20-minute spaces on Vista and Alumni Drive.


I don't have a parking permit. What is the earliest time I can park on campus without receiving a ticket?

Permits are required 24 hours a day except in short-term paid parking areas (Student Center Garage and Lot 21). Most campus lots have all permit parking from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., but some spaces (ADA, Hall Director, Service Vehicle, etc.) are reserved at all times. Additionally, Lots 15 and 8 (near HPE and Steen Library) are reserved for faculty/staff until 8:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

If you are a visitor to campus you may pick up a Visitor's Pass from the Visitor Booth on Griffith Blvd which is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, except official university holidays. Another option is to park in the short-term paid parking areas (Student Center Parking Garage and Lot 21) at the hourly rates using the Parkmobile app.

My car is disabled. What do I do to prevent a citation?

If your car is disabled you will need to call UPD at 936-468-2608. The vehicle will be logged as disabled for a period of 24 hours. A disabled vehicle may be logged three times for a maximum of 72 hours.

Are tickets written between sessions, or during summer sessions, holidays, weekends, and nights?

Yes. Citations are written throughout the entire year, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year whether school is in session or not. During semester intersession, (period between the last day of SFA finals of one semester and the beginning of the next semester), Resident and Commuter spaces are open to all permit holders. Faculty/staff spaces are still enforced as normal.

Why did I get a citation when someone else was driving my car?

Permit holders are liable for any citation issued to their permit regardless of vehicle ownership or driver.

If I put on my flashers, will I get a citation?

If you are parked illegally you will receive a citation.

If I put a note on the window of my car telling you that I will only be in the building for two minutes, will I get a citation?

Yes, if you are parked illegally you will receive a citation.

I got a ticket I don't think I deserve. Why can't I just ignore it?

If you got a ticket don't ignore it. If the officer made a mistake, we need to correct it. If they didn't and the mistake is yours then don't set yourself to get more tickets before the matter is straightened out. If you disagree with a ticket, appeal it within 10 days. While it is fresh in your memory, present all of the facts in your appeal. Simply saying you didn't do anything wrong or that the officer made a mistake is not sufficient. You should give as much information as possible on which to base a decision.

What are some ways to keep from getting parking citations?

  • Read the Parking Regulations.
  • Always have your permit displayed.
  • Always park completely between the white lines and don't block drives.
  • Obey timed parking zones like loading zones and short-term parking.
  • Refer to the Parking Services website for maps, policies, and locations, or call Parking Services.
  • Don't park backwards in a space.
  • If your vehicle breaks down call UPD and have it placed on the disabled list.


Do I need to register my car if I park on campus?

Yes. It is required that all vehicles operated by students, faculty and staff are registered with Parking Services.

What if I have sold my vehicle?

If you have sold your vehicle and do not want it associated with your parking account, the Texas Department of Transportation must be notified of the sale and change of ownership. This can be done online at

Additionally you should notify Parking Services by coming into our office or emailing at with the vehicle information and that you no longer own that vehicle. This will assure that any citations received on that vehicle don't appear on your bill.

Why do I have to pay for parking on campus?

The parking program receives no state appropriations or tuition dollars. If you park on campus, you pay a parking fee. The cost of a permit or payment of an hourly garage fee enables the university to manage, build and maintain parking lots and garages, and also funds the salaries and operating expenses.

What happens if I lock my keys in my car?

If you are parked in any facility on campus, all you have to do is call UPD at 936-468-2608 for assistance. Someone will meet you at your vehicle to help you get inside your car, and it won't cost you a penny!


Parking Services
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Mailing Address:
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