Stephen F. Austin State University

Diploma Replacement

Diploma FAQs

How do I order a replacement diploma?

If paying with debit/credit card, access the following link and follow the prompts. A physical signature and copy of a valid ID will still be required. Follow the instructions for submission of these required items.

If paying with check, money order or cash, please complete the Diploma Request Form and return to the Registrar's Office. Include payment and copy of valid ID.

How do I request notarization of my diploma?
The diploma issued upon graduation is not a notarized document. Nor do we notarize a diploma after it leaves our office. To request a notarized diploma, utilize the replacement diploma process. See the question "How do I order a replacement diploma?" for instructions on how to submit the request.
I am going to work overseas and need an apostille on my diploma. How do I get this?

Order a replacement diploma and indicate "Yes" when asked if notarization is needed. Our notary statement satisfies the requirements of the Texas Secretary of State Authentications Unit for their apostille process. Then send the notarized diploma to the Texas Secretary of State for the apostille statement.

Include the following items if our department will be responsible for sending the diploma to the Texas Secretary of State:
1. Paperwork and/or payment required by the Texas Secretary of State for the apostille
2. A self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the diploma (Size will depend on whether or not diploma can be folded. Current diploma size is 11"x14".)