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Stephen F. Austin State University



221 Aikman Dr. East
Nacogdoches , TX 75965

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360° View - Room

Building Floor plan

Bath Type: Suite, Private, and Community

Room Size: 10 ft. x 18 ft.
Window Size: 74.5 in. x 56 in
Twin Size Bed

Wisely Hall is a small co-ed community that houses the Academic Excellence Center. The Residence Life Department collaborates with the School of Honors to provide an academically focused living learning community. Wisely is a centrally located residence hall that houses 77 students, with 24-hour quiet hours.

Students are required to maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA in order to live in the Academic Excellence Center. All other residents that do not meet the GPA requirement will be transferred to another residence hall.

Wisely's small family-like atmosphere is inviting and comforting. A cozy environment is a perfect place to study and hang out with your friends. Our community kitchen on the first floor adds that extra touch of home. The community at Wisely has been a large presence at campus level RHA events as well as hosting a variety of its own programs such as Friends and Family Weekend, Stay at Home Weekend, and the Annual Battle of the Sexes.

Students must be approved by the School of Honors to be admitted to live in this facility. For more information, visit

Wisely Hall