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COVID-19: Residence Life

Visit the university's COVID-19 page for additional information. All safety measures are done in accordance with CDC guidelines.

General FAQ

If I cancel my housing application, will I get my deposit back?

Yes, if you cancel your housing application through your mySFA account before the semester cancellation deadline. Your residence hall deposit will be credited to your account four to six weeks after cancellation or at the end of the semester.

What if I don’t plan to live at SFA next year?

If you’re not going to attend SFA, or if you’re approved for an off-campus permit, you can cancel your housing application on the Residence Life Services page of mySFA.

Do I have to live on campus?

Visit our Off-Campus Living page for details on the requirements for receiving a permit to live off campus.

When do students select their residence hall / room?

You will be eligible to select your room after you’ve been admitted to the university. We’ll send instructions on room selection to your SFA email account.

What if I didn’t get a room in my first-choice building?

If your first choice is full, you’ll need to select a different room on campus.

If you change your mind about the room you requested, you can select a different room through the “Select-a-Space” option on mySFA (click the Residence Life Services link.)

Are lofts allowed in the residence halls?

All beds, except the loft beds in Steen and Hall 20, are able to be bunked. Our staff will be happy to help with bunking, unbunking or adjusting the height of the loft beds. Ask for help at the front desk. But first, make sure you’ve considered the following:

  • Both residents must be moved in and in agreement before submitting a request.
  • The beds must be free of all personal items (including linens), and the floor must be clear.
  • Specify how high or low you want the beds raised or lowered (count the notches).
  • Residents must be present when beds are being bunked or unbunked.

What are the dimensions of the rooms?

Room sizes vary. Visit the webpage for the specific residence hall for room dimensions.

How do I connect my computer to the Internet?

Wireless Internet service is provided in all residence halls.

Learn more about how to connect your computer.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed, except small birds in cages and fish in aquariums no larger than 10 gallons. Emotional Support Animals must be approved through the special accommodation process.

Can I bring my vehicle and/or bicycle?


Yes, but you’ll need to buy a parking permit.


Yes, but you’ll want to register it with the University Police Department for identification purposes. There is no charge for this service.

What is the best way to get letters and packages?

Students who live on campus rent a post office box at the SFA Post Office in the student center.

The post office at SFA is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All mail should be addressed to be sent to the student's post office box and should include the university street address (1936 North St). For example:

Jane Doe
1936 North St.
SFA Station P.O. Box #####
Nacogdoches TX 75962

Students can find their post office box information on the Campus Life tab within mySFA. Contact the SFA Post Office at 936.468.2307 for more information.

What happens if I lose my key?

You will need to put in a work order to have the room lock changed. The charge for the core replacement will be placed on your student account. If you lose your ID and can’t get into your building or your room, you will need to have another ID made in the ID office in the student center.

Who can I go to with questions during the school year?

If you need help you can speak to your residence hall’s community assistant or hall director.


Residence Life
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