Stephen F. Austin State University

Off Campus Permits

Off Campus Criteria

Students attending Stephen F. Austin State University who have earned fewer than 60 semester hours are required to reside in student housing if facilities are available. A student with fewer than 60 earned semester hours who wishes to reside off-campus may receive an off-campus permit provided one of the following criteria is met:

  1. The student must be 21 years of age on or before the 12th class day. Proof of age will be required.

  2. The student has earned 60 or more semester hours. An official transcript must be submitted to the residence life department for verification of hours.

  3. The student plans to commute from permanent address of parent(s) or relative. A relative in an immediate family member (mother/father, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, or grandparent) whose relationship can be traced by a certified copy of a birth certificate. The family member must live within 60 driving/highway miles, not radius or aviation miles of SFA. Completed documentation must be returned to the Residence Life Office for review before an off-campus permit will be issued.

  4. The student or parent owns property in Nacogdoches County. The student may be given a permit to live at that address. Property is defined as a residence that is attached to real property. The student must show proof of ownership by providing a copy of the deed.

  5. The student has custody of a child and can provide the Residence Life Department with an original birth certificate of the child or custody documentation.

  6. The student is married prior to the 12th class day. The student must provide the Residence Life Department with a copy of the certified marriage documentation.

  7. The student has a valid medical disability which cannot be accommodated on campus. The student must complete a Special Accommodation Request form in addition to physician documentation, which will be sent to the Housing Accommodations Assessment Committee for a recommendation. The Director of Residence Life will make the final decision regarding the accommodation whether it is on or off campus based on the committee's recommendation.

  8. The student registers for and maintains eight hours or less each semester until he/she qualifies to live off-campus by another exception. The student must sign an eight-hour agreement with the Residence Life Department.

  9. The student resides outside of a 60-mile radius of Stephen F. Austin and will be exclusively taking courses offered online through the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT).

Steps to getting off-campus

  1. Student must submit an Off Campus Permit Request through their mySFA Residence Life Services account. Print off and fill out the Off Campus Permit that is provided when you submit your request.

  2. Deliver all necessary documentation and permit application to the Residence Life Department for review.


The Residence Life Department will review the documentation associated with each exemption. Additional information and/or documentation may be required and all permit applications are subject to denial.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow-up on the status of his/her permit.

The Residence Life Department will add room and board charges on all applicants that do not have permits on the first class day of the semester for which the student has applied. These charges will continue to accrue until the student's off-campus request has been completed and approved.

Returning students who apply for an off-campus permit will have their room assignment cancelled, however, the terms and conditions of the residence hall contract will continue to apply until the request for off-campus has been completed and approved. If the request is denied or cancelled for any reason, the student will be assigned to a room wherever there is space available. Room and board penalties may apply.