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There is no way this project (2011-2012 THC CLG Grant) could have been completed without the assistance of SFA's students, paid, paying for a course, undergraduate, and graduate, my compatriot Dr. Paul Sandul, and Dr. Troy Davis, the Department of History chair, who fully supported our work. It is always heartening to find a way to connect with students, to make history come to life, to give a purpose for the study and discussion in the class room. This project has been, and will continue to be, a way to engage our students as well as the public, in the exploration of the past. The definition of public history! Not only did they learn about architectural styles and historic preservation but they also became familiar with their "home" town. They walked streets previously only driven. They took a moment, a la John Stilgoe, to connect with the everyday landscape. The "tech savvy" students in the Center Regional Heritage Research were continually gracious when I asked them to change "just one more thing" and to add "just a bit more." The Center's director Dr. Mark Barringer and manager Dr. Kelley Snowden gave generous support to this project through the purchase of an additional Yuma unit as well as hundreds of hours of paid student work. In fact, the Center's students began some of the earliest work on this project in summer 2010. This project is dedicated to all of these students because we are first and foremost teachers and through their efforts we will now be able to reach out to the public and begin to encourage it to learn about the built landscape of Nacogdoches and the often changing role of historic preservation in the oldest town in Texas. Thank you City of Nacogdoches for providing this opportunity - Brian Bray and Jessica Sowell - and the Engineering Department for your assistance with the hard stuff - Tred Riggs.

Dr. Perky Beisel

Associate Professor


Fall 2010, HIS414 American Architecture

William Burgess Tim Gilbreath Michael Harris
Jack Klug Grovey Latimer Amelia McComb
Molly Miller Kandace Mullins Amy Pariseau
Autumn Pendergras Joyce Preston Jonathan Scott
Clint Shelton Jacqulyn Subar Adam Tate
Blake Vandermolen Vanessa Villegas Mary Welch

Spring 2011, HIS535 Introduction to Public History

Greg Garcia Joyce Pitts Laura Blackburn
Megan Jenkins Misty Hurley

Summer 2011, HIS582 Internship in Public History

W. Tracy Allen Natalie Bach Stephen DeLear
Misty Hurley Ashley McDonald Trent Nelson
Joyce Pitts Whitney Rains Pamela Temple

Summer 2011, HIS475, Individual Internship in Public History

Ray Robberson

Fall 2012, HIS535 Introduction to Public History

Jake McAdams

History Department Student Workers

Kimberly Frugi Christina Milburn

Center for Regional Heritage Research Graduate Assistants & Student Workers

Cassandra Bennett Samuel Burkholder Ellen Denney
Ryan Gullett Mick Haven Ricardo Romero
Zac Selden Damika Thomas