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Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

International experiences can impact your career development by adding a cross-cultural dimension to your education that you would not find without this exposure. As the job market becomes more globalized, you increase your marketability, by learning the competencies that both local and global markets value by studying abroad. There are many benefits you will receive from Study Abroad such as improved skills in cognition, problem-solving, and analytical networking, which will sharpen interpersonal skills, strengthen cross-cultural sensitivity, and increase tolerance and adaptability. Go ahead and visit the Study Abroad office today!

Career Opportunities

Think about your career during the process of study abroad. You will go through three main stages:

Translate Your Study Abroad Experience to the Job Market

Understand the importance of your studying abroad. It is important to learn to articulate this in an interview. Use an ample vocabulary and intelligent language when you describe your experiences.

Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience
"Marketing your Study Abroad Experience" Script