Stephen F. Austin State University

Student Career Advocates

What is a Student Career Advocate?

Student Career Advocates (SCAs) wear many hats. They are, first and foremost, students. But they are also advisors, interview coaches, researchers and resource developers. They are mentors, presenters, program organizers and instructors. They are student leaders. In a nutshell, Student Career Advocates are the initial liaisons between students and the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) team member, and often the first point of contact when interacting with CCPD. But they are so much more than just that. We set our expectations high for our Student Career Advocates... and they exceed them every day.

So, what do SCAs do?

Why should I apply to be a SCA?

There are many reasons to be a Student Career Advocate; these are just a few:

What does CCPD Services look for in a potential SCA?

CCPD seeks out the highest of qualities when considering an applicant as a potential Student Career Advocate:

Are there any requirements to become an SCA?