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Spatial Science

Bachelor of Science - Spatial Science

The bachelor of science degree program for spatial science offers two specialization tracks: natural resources, and land surveying.

Spatial Science Curriculum Guide

Natural Resources

This track provides the opportunity to complete courses from a wide variety of disciplines, including forestry, environmental science, agriculture, biology, chemistry, geology and geography, to fulfill the requirement of a minor area of study and to enhance knowledge and skills in renewable natural resource conservation and sustainability.

Degree Plan

Course Chronology

Land Surveying

This track ensures that a student whose career goal is to become a registered professional land surveyor obtains the educational background to become a candidate-in-training in surveying. GIS courses in the spatial science core are integrated with courses in the surveying study track to develop skilled, technologically up-to-date graduates.

Degree Plan

Course Chronology


Current and prospective students should consult with their academic advisor before making decisions on which courses to take. These documents are intended to be a guide, but cannot replace conversations with an advisor.