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Bachelor of Science - Agriculture

Ag Development Production

Agricultural Development is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a career in teaching, extension, or with agricultural service agencies whose purpose is to disseminate information related to the industry of agriculture. Special emphasis will be placed on communication skills needed to effectively promote the adoption and diffusion of new technology.

Ag Development Production Degree

Ag Engineering Technology

Agricultural Engineering Technology is a course of study designed to prepare the student for a career in the management of agricultural systems including the design and marketing of agricultural machinery, agricultural structures, and agricultural environments.

Ag Engineering Technology Degree

Ag Engineering Technology Teaching Degree


The area of agribusiness involves the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies; production operations on the farm; and the storage, processing, and distribution of farm commodities. The study of agribusiness focuses on integrating technical knowledge with economic theory for decision making about the use of scarce productive resources to produce food and fiber and distribute them to society.

Agribusiness Degree

Animal Science

The field of Animal Science provides exciting and challenging opportunities for graduates desiring to pursue careers in animal production, animal health or health services, feed formulation and manufacturing, processing/further processing, and the marketing of animals and animal products. Specialty areas include beef cattle science, dairy production, poultry science, swine production, equine science, sheep production, and pre-veterinary medicine.

Animal Science Degree

Pre-Vet Option: Students can modify the Animal Science major to meet admission requirements for schools of veterinary medicine. This is accomplished through selection of the more rigorous science requirements and the use of a biology or chemistry minor. Students wishing to pursue this option should stay in close contact with their animal science/pre-vet advisor.

Animal Science-Pre Vet Degree

Animal Science with Equine Emphasis Degree


Horticulture is the science, business and art of growing and marketing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Horticulture includes site planning and preparation, seed and vegetative propagation, plant growth and development, harvest, distribution, marketing, utilization, and human issues associated with a wide diversity of crops for nutrition, beauty and utility.

Horticulture Degree

Poultry Science

Poultry Science is a curriculum directed towards individuals seeking a career in the poultry industry. The course of study includes all aspects of live production, waste management, computer technology, nutrition, and product processing. Upon completion of the course requirements a student is prepared for entry-level management positions within the industry.

Poultry Science Degree


Current and prospective students should consult with their academic advisor before making decisions on which courses to take. These documents are intended to be a guide, but cannot replace conversations with an advisor.