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The School of Honors promotes the intellectual curiosity of SFA's most capable students, enabling them to confront complex issues. We offer interdisciplinary courses that encourage you to make connections among diverse areas of learning in smaller class sizes specifically designed to:

  • develop critical-thinking skills
  • expand a topic's scope of investigation
  • and explore issues in greater depth than can be done in conventional classes.

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Financial aid and scholarships

SFA offers various types of aid: loans, scholarships, grants and work-study.

There also are a variety of scholarships offered by the School of Honors.

View School of Honors scholarships

SFA offers hundreds of scholarship opportunities to help you with college expenses. Being a member of the School of Honors makes it easier to find scholarships and various other means of financial support. You just need to explore and apply!

Early registration

School of Honors members are classified as a "special group" whose registration for the upcoming semester opens on the first day of early registration.

Registering early allows you easier and earlier access to choose class times that work best for your schedule.

Course sections specific to School of Honors members

You aren't required to enroll in class sections specifically for honors students to maintain your School of Honors membership, but they are part of the criteria to graduate with the University Scholar distinction.

So, how do these course sections compare to others? Course sections reserved for honors students:

  • are only available to School of Honors students with a 3.25 GPA or higher
  • don't involve substantially more work than regular classes
  • aren't graded differently from regular classes
  • and often involve more discussion and interaction between the professor and students.

Many of the university core courses have honors sections designated. You may find these classes more intellectually stimulating! They also will offer you a chance to meet other undergraduates with similar interests.

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Registering for honors sections

You can register for classes once you have been advised and have no other registration holds. To view the upcoming course sections, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the dynamic schedule of classes.
  2. Select the proper term and click "Submit."
  3. Select appropriate subjects of interest.
    • To view all, select any subject and then CTL+A or CMD+A.
  4. Complete any other applicable fields, if desired.
  5. Select Honors in the "Attribute Type" list.
  6. Select the "Class Search" button at the bottom of the filter options.

To add the class to your course schedule, log in to mySFA and select "Registration" from the menu. If you need assistance, view the Office of the Registrar's How to Register and Waitlist tutorials or contact the School of Honors at

Getting involved

The School of Honors is a great way to meet other students at SFA. You can participate in or help plan many activities, including the School of Honors end-of-the-year banquet, community service events and fundraisers.

Honor Student Association

As a member of the School of Honors, you're encouraged to participate in the Honor Student Association. This social and philanthropic organization provides opportunities for gaining nonacademic experience, serving the inner drive and emotional commitments of highly motivated students.

Annual dues are $10. For more information, email or stop by the School of Honors administrative office in the McKibben Education Building, Suite 381.

Residential Learning Communities

We're especially proud of our Residential Learning Communities, where you can room with other Lumberjacks who share your interest or academic focus. SFA offers an honors RLC, which will allow you to immerse yourself in an environment designed to help you succeed academically while developing strong friendships and receiving valuable mentorship from upper-class students.

Learn more about the Honors RLC

Graduate with University Scholar distinction

While enrolling in honors-specific course sections is not required, they are noted on your transcript.

Details on the recognition bestowed upon university scholars and the requirements to achieve this distinction are available on the Graduate as a University Scholar webpage.

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Maintaining your School of Honors membership

Once admitted into the School of Honors, you must maintain the following criteria to continue your membership:

  1. Complete six or more credit hours of honors-specific course sections each academic year.
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA.
  3. Comply with all School of Honors policies and procedures.



School of Honors

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McKibben Education Building
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Mailing Address:
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