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The School of Honors schedule of classes are listed here.

The greatest benefits of School of Honors membership are obtained in the classroom. Honors classes are taught by select faculty, emphasize higher order thinking skills, and often involve student research. Honors classes generally involve more discussion and interaction between professors and students. Because of their small size, these courses allow students to read, write, and discuss issues that are beyond the scope of larger and more impersonal classes.

To maintain membership in the School of Honors, students are required to earn six (6) Honors credit hours per academic year and maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA.

To graduate through the School of Honors as a University Scholar, please follow graduation requirements listed here.

There are two ways to earn Honors credit hours at SFA:

  1. Enroll in an SFA Honors course and earn a “C” or better. These are designated ‘Honors course’ in the class schedule and include:
    1. standard SFA courses already contained within the University curriculum (ex. HIS 133 Honors: U.S. History 1000-1877), or
    2. courses developed specifically for Honors students (ex. SOC 477 Honors: Ethical Futures: Human Genome Project).
  2. Pursue and successfully complete an Honors Academic Contract* in a non-Honors course and earn a “C” or better in the course.

To register for an Honors course, email a request with the student name, student ID number (SID#), and course name to the School of Honors. Honors students will have a registration permit added to their student account allowing them to add the Honors course to their class schedule.

Non-Honors students may request an Honors class by contacting both the professor and the School of Honors Director to discuss their interest in taking the class as a non-Honors student.

We recommend Freshmen enroll in an Honors section of SFA 101. Students will receive one Honors credit hour for the course. SFA 101 Honors will provide a detailed introduction to the educational resources at SFA. This class will also provide the opportunity to meet fellow Honors students, assist in fine tuning study skills, and enhance critical thinking ability. Students are also encouraged to sign up for at least one regular Honors course their first semester at SFA.

*Should there not be enough Honors courses offered in a given semester, the student may arrange an Honors Academic Contract in a non-Honors course whereby the student and the professor agree to an additional project for which Honors credit may be earned. Honors students are responsible for contacting individual faculty members and working with them to develop a written plan of study, which will be submitted on an official Honors Academic Contract form to the Honors Director for final approval. Honors Academic Contract deadlines, details, and contract forms can be obtained from the Honors office.

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