Disability Services Types of Service

Specialized support services are based on the individual student's disability-based needs.  Services available include, but are not limited to:


Students registered with the ODS are entitled to Advance Registration of classes.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the on-line registration process for the upcoming semester.   The sign up dates for Advance Registration are advertised through fliers posted in academic and select university departments, on the Disability Services Newsletter. Only those students who have signed up for Advance Registration by the registration deadline will be eligible to register during the Advance Registration access period.  



Through an institutional membership in the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), Disability  Services can assist you in ordering recorded textbooks.  Bring to Disability Services the book title, author and edition; fill out a book request form; pick-up media when notified; and return media to Disability Services promptly when finished.  You will need access to a RFBD CD player or computer Software.  A limited number of players are available for check-out in Disability Services.  Books must be ordered, received and returned through this department.

  • Guidelines for Alternate Format Textbooks and Course Materials

    The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides limited taping/scanning of academic textbooks and related course materials not available through RFBD or the publisher.  This service is available using paid and volunteer readers.

  • Tape Recording Lectures

    Tape recording lectures can also be helpful for students who need note taking assistance.  To the extent allowed by individual professors at SFA, students may tape record lectures. 



Alternate testing locations which provide a non-distractive environment should be arranged and agreed upon by the student and the professor prior to the first exam.  A testing room can be reserved by the professor through Disability Services.  The professor should call or complete a Semester Exam Reservation Form.



Students may check out adaptive technology to aid in classroom access.  A list of equipment can be found at the link above.



Two-part notepaper for volunteer, buddy-system note taking assistance is available in Disability Services.  You may have a classmate or study partner who takes thorough, legible notes in your class and would volunteer to take his/her notes on NCR paper.  You can supply the NCR paper to the volunteer by obtaining it from Disability Services.



It is not uncommon for students who are otherwise academically qualified to have serious health or psychiatric conditions that will pose legitimate barriers to their ability to attend class on a regular basis.  Modifying a program or a professor’s attendance standards need to be viewed in terms of the “essential” course requirements.   Sitting in a class for lecture may or may not be considered essential.  However, in many courses, class participation is an essential element of the educational goal of the course.



Student with disabilities attending either web-based courses located in locations other than Nacogdoches may have needs that differ from those of students attending classes in Nacogdoches.  Please contact your professor, the Office of Instructional Technology or Disability Services to assist you distance education related needs. To request an application for Disability Services click here.

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