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Advertising & Filling Vacant Positions

Advertising Vacant Faculty, Staff, and Student Assistant Positions

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The Hiring Process

The hiring process consists of identifying the vacancy and evaluating the need, revising the job description as necessary; selecting a search committee; advertising the vacant position; reviewing and screening applicants; conducting interviews; selecting the successful candidate; and finalizing the recruitment process: For a general overview of the hiring process for faculty, staff, and student assistant positions, reference the Checklist for Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring.


Vacant faculty, staff, and student assistant positions must be advertised via the Careers at SFA website. Graduate assistant, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, and casual (short-term or sporadic) positions do not have to be posted, unless so desired. Exempt positions must be posted for a minimum of 10 calendar days. Nonexempt positions must be posted for a minimum of 5 calendar days. Student assistant positions must be posted for a minimum of 3 calendar days.

A hiring matrix is required for all posted faculty and staff positions. A sample hiring matrix is included in Search Committee Reference Materials, below.

The hiring department is required to submit to Human Resources interview questions for approval prior to conducting interviews. Sample interview questions are included in Search Committee Reference Materials, below.

Search Committee Training

Departments are encouraged to schedule search committee training by contacting Human Resources. Please note that any SFA employee involved in the screening and/or interview process should be considered a search committee member.

Search Committee Reference Materials


Screening Checklist

Screening Matrix


Telephone Screening Interview Questions

Tips for Conducting the Interview

Sample Interview Questions and Inappropriate Topics

Competency Based Questions

Checking References

Tips for Checking References

Form for Checking References Over the Telephone

Filling Vacant Positions

Once the successful candidate has accepted the offer and passed the criminal history check, the department should submit the appropriate electronic personnel action form (EPAF) to set up the employee's employment and job assignment. EPAFs should be completed, electronically approved, and routed to HR before the employee starts to work.

For additional information about EPAF, see EPAF Resources.

Hiring Adjunct and Visiting Faculty, Graduate Assistants, and Casual Employees

Because adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, graduate assistant, and casual (short-term or sporadic) positions do not have to be posted, the hiring process differs slightly from what was described above. The major steps that departments should complete are as follows: