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Casey Hart
Manager, SFA-TV2
Associate Professor

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Office: 301E

Dr. Casey Hart received his Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi where he studied Media and Society. He studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of North Texas where he received his Master's degree in Journalism. His undergraduate degree is in Radio, Television, and Film from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Professionally, he worked in the media over 7 years for NextMedia in the North Texas/DFW region. Additionally, he has experience in television production with an emphasis on field shooting, editing, and production planning. Dr. Hart also has professional experience in the fields of graphic design, public relations, and advertising sales and planning.

Much of Dr. Hart's Ph.D. work focused on Critical Race and Gender studies. He presented several papers at Pop Culture Association conferences including "Dis-Enchanted: The Evolution of the Disney Fairy-Tale Princess", and "Building the All-American Male: Defining American Masculinity Through Advertising". His dissertation, Ideological "Smackdown": A textual analysis of class, race, and gender in WWE televised professional wrestling was completed in 2011.

More recently, Dr. Hart's research focus has shifted to electronic media (specifically videogames) and advertising. He contributed the chapter "Sexual Favors: Using Casual Sex as Currency Within Video Games" to the book Rated M for Mature (2015), and wrote "The Electronic Church Goes to School: Evangelical Media Discourses on Education" for the book Electronic Church in the Digital Age: Cultural Impacts of Evangelical Mass Media (2015). He also contributed to the book Social media and strategic communications with the chapter "Marketing Techniques and Strategies: Using Social Media as a Revenue-Generating Vehicle." In addition to his contributions to edited books, he also published the article "Motivating Minors: A Content Analysis of Social Motivations in Advertisements Targeting Pre-Teens" in the Fall 2014 edition of the Southwest Education Council for Journalism & Mass Communication's peer-reviewed journal. Finally, Dr. Hart has written numerous entries in the Gale Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies on topics ranging from brand image construction and maintenance, video game violence, and utilizing consumer opinion research to develop branding strategies.

Finally, Dr. Hart is currently the Faculty Advisor of SFA-TV2. In this role he supervises the SFA television station as well as the numerous student-produced television programs produced therein. He typically teaches courses in field videography and production as well as basic graphic design and layout design. Dr. Hart also teaches a host of courses in the department's online Master's program including Media Theory, Media and Society, Media History, and Research Methods.