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Kryterion, Inc

Student Services

Candidates needing to schedule a test offered through KRYTERION, Inc. should telephone their test sponsor.

Test Admissions Requirements

  • Test takers must provide the testing center with their Test Taker Authorization Code, which is specific to the assessment for which they are scheduled.
  • The Test Taker Authorization Code is emailed to test takers after they complete their test registration.

Identification Requirements

  • Each test taker must present two forms of identification; one must be a “photo” ID.
  • The name on the provided IDs must match the name on the test taker roster.

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID

The following forms of current (not-expired), photo identification are acceptable:

  • Government (Local, State, Province or Country) issued driver’s license or identification card
  • Passport
  • Military identification
  • National identification card
  • Student picture ID from an accredited college or university

Acceptable Forms of Non-photo ID

The following forms of non-photo identification are acceptable (these forms may also include a photo):

  • Credit card
  • Check cashing card
  • Bank debit card
  • Employee identification card
  • Student ID from an accredited school

NOTE: In the United States, a Social Security card is not an acceptable form of identification.

Test takers may NOT have the following items in the exam room:

  • bags
  • purses
  • wallets
  • hats
  • briefcases
  • books
  • beepers
  • cell phones
  • calculators
  • palm pilots
  • watches
  • food, drink, candy, gum and tobacco products
  • Mechanical pencils, cellular telephones, beepers, cameras, and all photographic, communication, computer, and electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the testing room.

Accommodated Testing

Candidates needing accommodations must make the arrangements with their test sponsor.