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Which business major is for you?

All undergraduate students at SFA are required to declare a major by the time they reach 30 semester-credit hours. In the Rusche College of Business, our students spend their first 80 semester-credit hours taking university core and business foundation courses.

This allows an opportunity to explore various fields of study in business and provides extra time to make sure their chosen major is a right fit for them.

Changing your major or minor

If you need to declare your major, add a minor or change your major, contact the Office of Student Services by:

Prior credit and running your degree plan evaluation

You should verify any previous credit (e.g., advanced placement, dual credit or transfer credit) has been properly recorded. This is completed by running your degree plan evaluation, which is an audit of your courses completed and credits earned toward graduation.

To access the degree plan evaluation:
  1. Log in to mySFA.
  2. Select "Advising" from the menu.
  3. Locate the "Education Planning" block.
  4. Select the “Degree Evaluation (CAPP)” link.

A tutorial on how to run the evaluation also is in the section named “Degree Evaluation (CAPP) Tutorial.” The degree evaluation is unofficial and may list courses not required for your degree. Note any warnings concerning excessive hours - courses that do not appear on your degree plan could/will contribute to excessive hours.

If you have any questions regarding your degree plan evaluation, reach out to us! We're here to advise and guide you through the academic experience.


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