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Always a Lumberjack bouquet
Always a Lumberjack
SFA Students
Micah A. McAfoose of Houston, Jan. 20
Benjamin Mitchell of Austin, Sept. 16
Christian Morris of Pearland, Nov. 5
Indiana J. Renaud of Mineola, Sept. 16
Graylan P. Spring of Austin, Jan. 21

Dr. Janelle C. Ashley

Dr. Janelle Ashley

Dr. Janelle C. Ashley of Nacogdoches, former dean, faculty member, and 1962 and 1964 graduate of SFA, passed away Oct. 7.

In the fall of 1965, Ashley launched her career at SFA as a business teacher. She later served as the dean of business from 1981 to 1992 then as vice president for SFA's academic affairs until she retired in 2002.

After spending 30 years in education in Texas, she became the first female president of Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts. After nine years as WSU's 10th president, she retired for a second time in 2011.

Patricia Anderson Barnett

Patricia Barnett

Former SFA Music Preparatory Division program director Patricia Anderson Barnett of Nacogdoches, a 1994 SFA graduate, passed away May 18.

Barnett worked many years as secretary at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, taught Sunday school, sang in the choir and rarely missed a worship service. She also managed the late Dr. Larry Walker's office while earning a Bachelor of Arts at SFA. In 1999, she began a 20-year stint strengthening the Music Prep program at SFA as its director.

Dr. Wayne C. Boring Sr.

Dr. Wayne Boring Sr.

Edgar H. Burton, a 1965 SFA graduate and former advisory board member for the university's College of Liberal and Applied Arts, passed away May 6.

Dr. Wayne C. Boring Sr., former professor in the College of Sciences and Mathematics, passed away June 26 in Nacogdoches.

In 1968, Boring moved to Nacogdoches and taught chemistry at SFA for 42 years. He served as chair of the chemistry department for a portion of his tenure. Boring had a great passion for his students, with whom he built strong connections and lasting relationships. He made them feel welcome and was always available for counsel when they needed him.

William H. Bryan

William H. Bryan

William "Bill" H. Bryan of Nacogdoches, former faculty member and co-founder of SFA's orientation and mobility program, passed away July 22.

Bryan, along with his colleague Bob Bryant, began and administered the orientation and mobility program with support and guidance from the Texas State Commission for the Blind, which provided grant funding. The program was affectionately known as the "Bill and Bob program" for 33 years until the two retired.

Bryan was a professor of special education. He worked at SFA from 1975 to 2008 and was promoted to department chair prior to his retirement.

Dr. William D. Clark

Dr. William D. Clark

Longtime professor Dr. William D. Clark of Nacogdoches passed away Dec. 10.

Clark received a Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics from The University of Texas in 1968 and taught at SFA for more than 50 years. He enjoyed a distinguished career filled with numerous honors and awards, including the Teaching Excellence Award for the College of Sciences and Mathematics and the Distinguished Professor Award. He was a fellow of the Texas Academy of Science.

Clark was a published author of numerous mathematic workbooks that were co-authored by his friend and colleague, Dr. Sandra McCune, and was recognized as a professor emeritus upon his retirement at the age of 84.

Melissa Sue Darlington

Melissa Sue Darlington, a 1976 and 1978 graduate of SFA, passed away Sept. 28 in Nacogdoches.

Darlington dedicated her professional life to education. In the late 1970s, she worked as a graduate intern in SFA's English department and later returned to SFA in 1989 for the remainder of her career. From 1990 to 1997, she worked in the Academic Assistance and Resource Center, first heading the center's developmental writing program and finally directing the AARC.

In 1997, she rejoined the adjunct faculty in English; from 2001 to 2007, she worked as a research specialist in SFA's Center for East Texas Studies; and from 2007 to 2013, she served as the history department's writing coordinator. She retired from SFA in 2013, having spent more than 30 years at the university in different capacities.

Dr. John Williams Goodall

Dr. Joh Williams Goodall

Dr. John Williams Goodall of Nacogdoches, former oboe professor, associate and interim dean of the Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts, and interim director for the School of Art, passed away Aug. 2.

Goodall was the first person to hold the title of associate dean of fine arts at SFA. In this position, he continued to serve as the programming and development officer for the college, booking visiting artists for the University Series and obtaining sponsorships for various events.

During his music career, he was a founding member of the Stone Fort Wind Quintet, performing with the group across the nation.

Dr. Leon Hallman

Dr. Leon Hallman

Former SFA geography professor Dr. Leon Hallman of Sulphur Springs passed away Jan. 14.

Hallman's career at SFA flourished and expanded to areas beyond teaching — he worked as a department chair, in the community education program, and ultimately as the director of the Office of International Programs, heading up exchange programs with such countries as China, Japan and Ukraine. He loved his work and always said curiosity is what kept him learning, traveling and creating.

Hallman was an avid Lumberjack and Ladyjack sports fan. He attended football and basketball games until he was not physically able and followed them on TV every chance he could. Purple was his favorite color to wear.

Douglas "Doug" Kees Higgins

Douglas Kees Higgins

Recipient of the SFA Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2010, 1971 graduate and donor Doug Higgins of Fort Worth passed away Aug. 17.

Higgins was known for his sense of humor, natural ease, quick wit, business acumen, generosity and love of his family. His work ethic was apparent early in life. In high school, he delivered papers at 3:30 a.m. every morning. While in college, he sold Bibles door to door and worked construction in the summer. He became assistant manager at Pizza Hut in Nacogdoches, which led to his career in the food industry.

In 1983, he and his partner invested everything to start their first company, H&M Food Systems. They believed in taking good care of their employees, holding picnics for them during the summers and offering "Friday lunch" for everyone all year.

Dr. Jerry Lee Irons

Former professor Dr. Jerry Lee Irons of Nacogdoches passed away Dec. 20.

Irons was a faculty member at SFA for 30 years and retired in 1997 as a professor emeritus of elementary education. He inspired hundreds of students to pursue teaching.

Irons began his career as a principal at Hanby Elementary and McWhorter Elementary in Mesquite while he continued his education, ultimately earning his Doctor of Philosophy in education from East Texas State University, now known as Texas A&M University at Commerce. After retiring from SFA, he joined the faculty at the University of Dallas, where he taught for 15 years before retiring for good in 2012.

Dr. Adam E. Peck

Dr. Adam Peck

Dr. Adam E. Peck, former assistant vice president and dean of students, passed away Sept. 30 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Peck served SFA for 13 years and cultivated an environment of unity across campus. His guidance and support could be seen across many student organizations, including the Student Government Association, SFA "For the Kids" Children's Miracle Network and The Big Event, to name a few.

Peck lived "The SFA Way," revived the axe handle tradition and was a key member of the campuswide COVID-19 response team. He joyfully created and took on the role of Purple Santa at SFA every December.

Peck moved to Bloomington, Illinois, in 2021 to serve as assistant vice president for student affairs at Illinois State University. Always an ally and an advocate, he worked on many diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and raised safety awareness through various programs.

Dr. Wendall Spreadbury

Dr. Wendall Spreadbury

Former professor Dr. Wendall Spreadbury of Nacogdoches passed away Aug. 1.

Spreadbury began his teaching career in Boerne in 1959 then taught physics and math at the Isidore Newman School in New Orleans in 1961. He later joined the faculty of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater in 1965 before becoming a faculty member at SFA in 1967.

At SFA, Spreadbury was given a joint appointment to the physics and education departments. During his tenure, he taught physics, science education, computer science and radio television, as well as directed the campus TV facilities and several aerospace workshops for public school teachers. He retired in 1995.

Dr. Jack L. Spurrier

Dr. Jack Spurrier

Former professor Dr. Jack L. Spurrier of Bossier City, Louisiana, passed away July 11.

Spurrier retired from SFA after 27 years as a professor of counseling and special education programs. His commitment to the education of his students at SFA for more than two decades was the cornerstone of his professional career. Upon his retirement from SFA, he continued practicing as an independent licensed counselor in the Shreveport-Bossier City area.

Joyce Bright Swearingen

Joyce Bright Swearingen

Joyce Bright Swearingen, a 1943 SFA graduate and donor to the university, passed away Dec. 25 in Nacogdoches.

Born and raised in Nacogdoches, Swearingen was the poster child for what a Lumberjack should be. She pledged the Pine Burrs, was the Stone Fort yearbook editor and participated in the Lumberjack Marching Band, playing clarinet. During her senior year at SFA, she was elected Miss SFA.

Swearingen was passionate about serving the community, including being a founding member of The Fredonia Hotel. She held many board positions for the East Texas Group of the National Association of Bank Women and was later named to its Hall of Fame. She also was an active member of the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce and became the first female chamber president.

She raised funds for the Chamber of Commerce, the United Way, SFASU Foundation, Friends of Music, Nacogdoches Heralds and for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, among other groups. In 1984, friends and co-workers established the Joyce Bright Swearingen Scholarship at SFA for women studying finance.

Mary Elise Adams '70 and '84 of Nacogdoches, Dec. 9

Cindi B. Adler '77 of Dallas, Dec. 1

Michael W. Alders '88 of Conroe, Jan. 7

Elizabeth D. Allen '70 & '71 of Lilburn, Georgia, Nov. 23

Debra Cauley Armstrong '80 of Lufkin, July 8

Gloria W. Baggett '70 of Kilgore, Dec. 10

Kate Evelyn Barnes '93 of Hewitt, Jan. 9, 2022

Dolores Barrow '65 of Longview, Aug. 3

Carol S. Biggs '75 of Tyler, Dec. 30

Andrew J. Brazil '54 & '54 of Irving, May 18

Clovis O. Britton '51 of Carthage, Oct. 5

Barbara Brookshire of Lufkin, friend of SFA, Oct. 16

Helen R. Brown '64 of Nacogdoches, July 27

Victor V. Bruce Jr. '64 of Lufkin, Oct. 10

Nancy Q. Bryan '88 of Zavalla, Oct. 20

Curt W. Campbell '79 & '80 of Brenham, Aug. 1

Karen S. Cegielski '76 of Jasper, Dec. 8

Ernest C. Chastain '82 of Tyler, Jan. 15

Jack C. Christian '51 of Tenaha, Nov. 4

Maxine N. Christian '54 & '65 of Henderson, July 27

Billie M. Colwell '45 & '56 of San Augustine, Oct. 24

Sewell D. Cox '66 of Tyler, Oct. 10

Lloyd Douglas Coyne '70 of Jefferson, Jan. 18

Velma C. Craft '60 of Nacogdoches, Jan. 6

Dr. Roy G. Creech '56 of Starkville, Mississippi, Nov. 26

Erwin M. Dabbs '60 of Frankston, Nov. 8

Gregory A. Dale '85 of Durham, North Carolina, Nov. 24

Paul H. Davis Jr. '58 & '60 of Nacogdoches, Dec. 8

Wayne M. Davis '70 & '74 of Rusk, Jan. 14

Ronda C. Deso '74 of McKinney, Aug. 3

James “J.P.” Dobbs '63 of Garrison, Oct. 16

James D. Dollens '79 of Pasadena, July 10

Elsie Ann Dorsett '65 of Nacogdoches, Aug. 14

Milton T. Estrella '72 of Houston, Oct. 29

Charles L. Evers '61 of Carthage, Dec. 13

Ethelyn A. Fisher '72 of Tyler, July 18

Rebecca J. Fleming '71 & '72 of Plano, Jan. 6

Aaron T. Foster '13 of Casper, Wyoming, Nov. 9

Shigal J. Foster '99 of Houston, Oct. 13

Wayne F. Gandy '74 & '77 of Joaquin, Nov. 17

Gilbert P. Garrett '56 of Lindale, Jan. 9

Virginia W. Garrison '52 of Houston, Dec. 1

Paul P. Gilbert '55 of Longview, Oct. 29

Juanita K. Giles '54 of Tyler, Aug. 9

Larry A. Grimes '71 of Kennesaw, Georgia, July 22

Victor H. Hamilton '66 of Longview, Nov. 5

Melvin L. Hazelwood '67 of Fordyce, Arkansas, Aug. 22

Lanell L. Helms '81 of Dallas, Jan. 18

Teresa L. Hensarling '86 & '88 of Nacogdoches, Aug. 22

Shirley R. Hibbard '57 & '64 of Nacogdoches, Dec. 24

Nell P. Hill '62 of Lufkin, Aug. 15

Martha C. Hirsch '65 & '68 of Trinity, Dec. 27

Raymond H. Holder '90 of Muskogee, Oklahoma, Sept. 5

Clarence D. Holsapple Jr. '67 of Shreveport, Louisiana, Aug. 25

Eleanor E. Hurst of Austin, friend of SFA, Dec. 12

Sharon T. Ivey '77 of Carthage, Dec. 8

Joe Pat Johnson '61 & '65 of Springfield, Tennessee, Aug. 10

Shirley M. Joiner '77 of Nacogdoches, July 15

Harland F. Jones '77 of Texarkana, Dec. 16

Joseph H. Judith III '67 & '69 of Sheridan, Arkansas, Sept. 1

Anna M. Kalbitz '87 of Houston, Jan. 14

James R. Keasler '68 of Iowa City, Iowa, Oct. 14

B. Jamon Kirby '60 & '70 of Tyler, Aug. 12

Bryla K. Lewis '20 of Opelousas, Louisiana, Oct. 5

John C. Lewis '78 of Nacogdoches, Nov. 25

Brenda J. Lynch '95 of Jasper, July 26

George K. Mallard Jr. '73 of College Station, Nov. 17

Linda I. Matzke '67 & '83 of Jasper, Aug. 29

Elizabeth C. McBroom '59 & '77 of Henderson, Oct. 29

Chester F. McCann '43 of Richardson, Dec. 14

Sally A. McCreary '75 of Athens, Sept. 20

Lisa M. McGahen '83 of Richardson, Aug. 9

Jimmie N. McLemore '59 of San Augustine, Oct. 18

John D. Merritt Jr. '73 of Lake Jackson, Sept. 26

Carl G. Miller '61 of Marshall, Oct. 21

Troy A. Miller '86 of Mexia, Aug. 16

Michael W. Moores '64 of Henderson, Dec. 23

Gervis L. Nagle '91 of Wichita, Kansas, Oct. 11

Lisa M. Newman '92 of Chandler, Oct. 3

Linda K. Nix '66 of Timpson, Aug. 29

Frances L. Norris '73 of Lufkin, Dec. 12

Dr. Robert P. O'Neil '89 of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sept. 15

Georgia A. Owens '70 of Georgetown, Oct. 4

Helen P. Padgett '76 of Kilgore, July 7

Donald L. Pitts '74 of Fort Worth, Sept. 14

Karen Darnell Poole '77 of Carthage, Sept. 20

Rebecca G. Purcell '83 of Humble, Nov. 4

Jonathan D. Rayburn '02 of New Braunfels, May 12

Tyler A. Rayburn '19 of Lufkin, Jan. 4

John R. Reeves '59 of Humble, Nov. 15

Kathryn “Kay” S. Reinke '76 of Waco, Jan. 2

Laquita J. Rogers '80 of Petrolia, Jan. 2

Lori D. Rogers '91 of Athens, Jan. 12

Wan Delle G. Rutland '57 & '70 of Sugar Land, Oct. 2

Kayla D. Scalise '95 of Colmesneil, Nov. 22

Bettie F. Scott '79 of Lufkin, Jan. 9

Billie Kathleen Crow Scott '72 of Houston, June 20

Jan C. Scott '72 of Austin, Jan. 12

Eunice G. Sitton '55 & '57 of Waller, Nov. 7

Dr. Dan Spivey '47 of Lufkin, Oct. 26

Patricia Richardson Steelhammer '73 of Palestine, Aug. 11

Howard M. Stephens '81 of Kilgore, July 9

Dorothy J. Strong '69 of Austin, Dec. 2

Robert M. Stuteville '60 of Elkhart, Aug. 26

Margaret Thayer '74 of Sabinal, Oct. 22

Melissa A. Toon '97 of McKinney, Oct. 21

Sara J. Trammell '85 of Lufkin, Aug. 7

Jana Van Valkenburgh '87 of Sugar Land, March 11

Penny J. Valkner '83 of Dayton, Nov. 21

Sandra K. Vanover '81 of Nacogdoches, Jan. 3

Martha A. Vaughn '70 of Huntington, Aug. 25

Virgia J. Walker '68 of Lufkin, Oct. 6

Dr. John P. Walter of Nacogdoches, former faculty member, Sept. 2

Gloria A. Warren '71 of Holly Lake Ranch, Aug. 25

Patricia A. Watson '87 of Liberty, Aug. 13

April R. Welch '13 of Key Largo, Florida, June 30

Dennis D. Williams '01 & '01 of Kilgore, Oct. 26

Sarah E. Williams '53 of Lufkin, Aug. 28

Jordan C. Williamson '07 of La Vernia, Dec. 18, 2021

Douglas F. Wong '91 of Washington, D.C., Dec. 3

Connie M. Woodward '04 of Tyler, Dec. 22

Dr. Gilbert P. Worely '02 of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Nov. 30