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Erika Tolar
Erika Tolar '02

Welcome to the 100th year of our beloved SFA, Jack nation!

Does anyone else feel like we've just run a marathon in 2022? It's been a marathon of sprints, to be honest. Thank you to everyone who took time to reach out, comment and participate in the feedback for our alumni stakeholder group through the system affiliation process.

The evaluation of what would be in the best interest of our beloved institution to carry us boldly into our next 100 years was some of the most intense purple-passion work I've done to date — all with the goal of preserving, protecting and helping to voice our 115,000+ alumni so you could be a part of the solution. I read every comment. I heard you loud and clear, as did our Board of Regents and entire university leadership team.

The historic decision by our board to affiliate with The University of Texas System was one that, quite frankly, will launch SFA into such a positive future we cannot begin to imagine it. I often hear many alumni across the state say, “SFA has so much potential” and “We can grow and evolve without losing what makes us special.” Well my friends, hold on — I cannot agree more. We are about to do just that by elevating to the next level!

Our incredibly rich SFA history is undoubtedly memorable because of each of you who have contributed to crafting the traditions and memories of our unique SFA culture. This carries on in all we do, and I am honored to lead and serve each of you as we embark on our next 100 years.

Keep the memories and nostalgia going strong on the Facebook group “You Know You Went to SFA” and on other social platforms — it puts smiles on alumni faces and reminds us we wouldn't be where we are in this life without our amazing, incredible experiences at SFA.

As we launch into the next 100 years with energy, enthusiasm and purple pride — and with unlimited potential and possibilities through our new UT System affiliation — we celebrate Lumberjacks everywhere. The “art of the possible” has never been stronger than it is today. All I ask of you is to assume positive intent and have the willingness to see and positively participate in all that is to come!

We are on a mission to grow from good to better and from better to best in class at SFA. So, what can you do as a critical purple member of the SFA family? Keep the passion alive. Recruit a student. Attend an SFA athletic, university or alumni event in Nacogdoches or when SFA comes to where you live and work. If you haven't already, join our Alumni Association at Consider becoming an ambassador to help grow Lumberjack pride. And the easiest of them all: wear your SFA purple swag with pride everywhere you go!

Wherever you are, keep up with us on social media by liking and following us!

Most importantly, there will be many centennial events happening throughout 2023. Check out the SFA centennial website at for details, and plan a trip back to Nacogdoches to be a part of the historic celebrations in 2023!

Our future is so very bright 'neath the purple and white — all hail to SFA!

Axe 'em, Jacks!

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Erika Tolar '02
President, SFA Alumni Association