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Emergency Management Committee

Emergency Management Committee


The Emergency Management Committee (EMC) is a University-wide committee consisting of representatives from across the institutional. The committee's mission is to collaborate on emergency management strategies and initiatives designed to enhance preparedness and improve the University's ability to respond to, and recover from, all threats.

Scope of Authority

The purview of the Committee is limited to matters that pertain to the Emergency Operation Plan's mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies.


The Committee is responsible for:

Reporting Structure

The Committee reports through its Chairperson to the VPBA on all matters related to its charge. The VPBA represents, and serves as the liaison to the Executive Group (senior officers) of the university. The overall authority and responsibility for the emergency management plan rest with the Executive Group, which provides support and direction to the Committee. The Chairperson of the EMC will be appointed by the VPBA.

Committee Chair

John Fields, Jr. - Executive Director/UPD Chief of Police

Representation on Committee

The following departments will be represented on the Emergency Management Committee:

Additional ad-hoc consultants (i.e. legal, consultants) can be engaged to assist when needed.

The representative from each unit should be a key administrator for the operational area represented, thereby facilitating timely decisions. Due to the number of operational areas represented, each area is limited to one representative, with one alternate to participate when the regular representative is not available.

Meeting Schedule

The Emergency Management Committee will hold regular monthly meetings, and may meet more often if the need arises.

Related Policy

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