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Payment Card Training

Policy 14.8, the Payment Card Acceptance and Security policy, requires all employees and temporaries who accept and/or have access to credit and debit card information to be properly trained.

In order to comply with Policy 14.8, anyone who accepts and/or has access to payment card information must complete the Intent to Comply with policy 14.8 form and the on-line Payment Card Training course. Both the intent to comply and the online training course should be completed upon hire and at least annually thereafter.

How to Access Payment Card Training

Red Flag Training

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued the Red Flag Rules regarding identity theft on November 7, 2007. These rules require the development of certain policies and procedures designed to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft.

Policy 14.5, the Identity Theft Prevention policy, establishes the University's identity theft program. Red Flag training is required of staff, officials, and contractors for whom it is conceivable or reasonable that during their course of work they may be exposed to confidential information or gain access to covered accounts or identifiable personal information which may constitute a risk to the university or its customers.

If your department has access to covered accounts and personally identifiable information, departmental employees with access to this sensitive information are required to complete Red Flag training.

The head of the department is responsible for ensuring those reporting to him/her that have access to covered accounts and personally identifiable information have completed training.

How to Register for Red Flag Training