Stephen F. Austin State University


Our Vision

Stephen F. Austin State University Communication Studies majors will be equipped to engage in the changing complexities of organizational, interpersonal, public and mediated communication in a technologically evolving and global community.

Our Mission

The mission of Communication Studies at SFA is to motivate students in a welcoming and challenging environment to engage communication theory and research, to connect theory and practice, and to lead as active citizens in a global community.

Why Communication Studies?

Long term

At the center of our vision, the Communication Studies program equips students to become

Short term


  1. Communication skills are highly valued amongst recruiters.
  2. Your awareness and knowledge about the nature of human communication provides a foundation for success in any job or career.
  3. Your abilityt to conduct research and problem solve in a technologically evolving time, is seen as essential in the job market. Instead of hoping that the specific knowledge from your degree remains relevant, you have the skills to critically analyze a problem, research possible answers, evaluate that information, and report your findings in a usable manner. In a fast-changing world these are invaluable skills.

Skills and Jobs

Students majoring in Communication Studies have a variety of career opportunities that involve negotiation, organizational leadership, mediation, intercultural awareness, critical analysis skill, ability to do research, and more.

This Major expands your theoretical and practical offerings to organizations and jobs such as,