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A flexible online graduate program

The Department of Mass Communication offers a unique graduate program that will allow you to advance your education – and your career options – on your own schedule.

Rather than specialize in a specific area, this degree is a generalist degree that allows you to gain a broad understanding of all aspects of the mass communication field. With this degree, you will be exposed to a wide range of areas from advertising & public relations to broadcasting to journalism. This degree provides you the knowledge needed to see the media field from a wider perspective to make more informed decisions in a constantly changing industry. It also prepares you to be more agile as your career trajectory changes.

As a student in the online mass communication graduate program, you’ll complete all of your coursework online, which makes the program ideally suited for working students. Additional opportunities such as internships and graduate assistantships may be available.

Master of Arts in mass communication – thesis option

The thesis option requires 30 hours of coursework, including core mass communication courses and electives. Students who choose a thesis option will also complete a minimum of six hours of thesis research and writing. Your faculty advisor will help you choose and develop a thesis topic that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Master of Arts in mass communication – nonthesis option

Students who pursue the nonthesis master’s degree program must complete 36 hours of coursework, including core mass communication courses and electives. Instead of completing a thesis, students who choose this option will take a comprehensive exam administered by mass communication faculty members.

Master of Arts in mass communication – media project option

The media project option includes 30 hours of graduate mass communication coursework plus a six-hour media project of your choice. Examples of past media projects include:

  • A major digital media project
  • A management plan for a media organization
  • An advertising or public relations campaign for a national client
  • Investigative reporting for a print or online publication

Your graduate advisor will work with you to identify and develop an appropriate media project. To learn more about graduate programs in mass communication, contact Dr. John Allen Hendricks at


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