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We live in an age where communication has never been easier. Just the click of a button can reach hundreds of thousands of people. With that kind of access to information and audiences, the ability to think critically about the messages we are sending and receiving is more important than ever.

At SFA, we prepare our students for careers in both traditional and emerging forms of media. Our goal is to help students think critically; understand the role of media and society; and gather, organize and analyze information.

Why study mass communication?

You have a passion for not only the news, but the way it is delivered. You comb through magazines and clip out your favorite articles. You follow your favorite writers on social media. You love funny or entertaining commercials.

If any of these things describe you (or if they all do!), chances are you’re the kind of person who is right for mass communication at SFA. We help you prepare for a successful career in the exciting, fast-paced world of communication.

What kinds of jobs can I get from a mass communication degree?

The possibilities are nearly endless with a mass communication degree. It’s a field that not only continues to survive in the digital world, it’s thriving.

Graduates have gone on to exciting careers at organizations like CNN and NBC, as well as working at the White House. Other possible career options include:

  • Advertising copywriter
  • News reporter
  • Photojournalist
  • Publicist
  • Social media expert
  • TV news anchor

Job availability and growth

There is always a demand for those who know not only how to ask the right questions but also where to look for the answers they’re not getting. As we shift into an increasingly digital age, the old guard is giving way to the new one. Newspapers, for instance, are increasingly shifting their focus online, creating a need for people who are experts in information-gathering in the digital environment.


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