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Take a look at what our students are saying about the AARC and our tutors!

"Amazing tutor. Really helped me turn my grades around and develop good study habits."

"The OWL is great! I really appreciated all the help I received at the OWL."

"The tutor was always prepared. She really had a friendly vibe. She made learning biology fun."

"Great SI teacher! Made the semester so much easier and made sure we understood everything we went through."

"Very good tutor! Very hands on and makes sure that the material is understood before moving on to anything else. I have been feeling more confident in my answer choices since coming to get tutored."

"Awesome SI, she reinforced the ideas I learned in class. She also guided me through concepts that I had trouble grasping."

"The AARC is a great resource at SFA."

"I never used SI before, but now that I have, I’ve increased my productivity in studying and made grade improvement. I will continue to use SI for my other classes in the future."

"Her techniques were extremely helpful. Not only did she help improve my grade, but my self esteem as well."

"She really broke down difficult concepts!"

"Great SI! Helped with any questions over the material and knew her stuff."

"Very helpful tutor, made materials covered in class more clear."

"Both of my tutors are great! Both help me to prepare for tests and encourage me that I can maintain a 4.0 which is my goal."

"She helped me understand what I was learning in ways that related to me! I will definitely recommend her to others who need help with this subject!"

"She is a very good tutor. Without her, I would be lost in my class. She explains things in a way that is easy to remember and in a way that makes sense."

"I really enjoyed this SI. I honestly don't think I would be making an A without it."

"It was broken down even more from what was told in class, and that helped me understand the material better."

"The environment was really comfortable and I felt like I could express my ideas through the class."

"My tutor was very open-minded and helped me prepare myself mentally and emotionally. She was very understanding and motivating."

"Fun learning atmosphere."

"Very positive environment."

"I love all of the help that I get here. My weekly appointments contributed to the A I have in chemistry. I'm so glad I took advantage of the services provided."

"Everything was great throughout this entire semester! I learned a lot and really enjoyed my tutoring sessions."

"Even if I didn't have any questions, she was able to bring up some material to where it would make me think."

"Applied concepts to real life situations that really helped me out. My test grade went from a 56 to an 84 after visiting with her."

"Great tutor. Really cares about everybody learning the material."

"Amazing tutor who knows what she is doing. She knows tips and tricks that make learning the material easy to understand and comprehend. SHE IS AMAZING!!!"

"AMAZING Tutor. He is patient and encourages me to think outside the box."

"Awesome tutor. I’m making an A in a class I would have failed without help."

"Great tutor made everything so much easier to understand."

"She is the best tutor ever. I have made so much progress!"

"If I survive Genetics, it will be because of her."

"Really good tutor. He really takes his time to go through all the steps with me to make sure I understand everything. He also answers any questions I have about anything going on in the class."

"Awesome SI. I really felt like we were in this together."

"My grades have gone up."

"She is a really good tutor in doing the best she can in explaining the topics she was presented with. She even adapted with me having the class online rather than in person and taught very differently. I really do appreciate the help and reliability she has provided."

"I had a great experience as a first time freshman using an SI tutor. Helped me so much to enable me to succeed in my class and score well on exams."

"Great use of my time. Really prepared me for my exams."

"She is such a good tutor. I am able to retain the information because she thoroughly goes through everything."

"Really helped me. I walked in clueless and left feeling a lot better."

"SI has given me a better understanding of what I don’t quite understand during class."

"He made learning a very boring topic a little more fun."

"My tutor was very welcoming, and showed me new ways to learn things I found to be very difficult. I saw improvement in my grades, due to my tutor and her showing me great helpful practice problems."

"He breaks the math down and makes it make so much more sense. I honestly enjoy tutoring, and learn so much every Wednesday. He teaches me acronyms and easier ways to grasp the information."

"The AARC has helped tremendously. I always feel welcomed and learn something new every time."

"I really enjoy attending SI because it allows me to understand the material better and sometimes digest it in a simpler manner."

"The OWL is very helpful and has been a great resource for my papers this Fall."

"It was really helpful in getting some extra eyes on my essay that I had to type up this semester."

"Definitely wish I had been coming here from the start!"

"Really helpful and gives us great pointers to prepare for the tests. She also gives us tricks and secrets on remembering the information."

"She's super supportive and gives me time to think things through. Would recommend to any friend of mine!"

"She really helped me out. I strongly encourage people to come. It actually helps!"

"I am so glad I decided to get a tutor. It has helped me greatly."

"The AARC system and tutoring really helps."

"I really enjoyed the SI sessions and by going, I did better on the tests in class."

"Love the AARC. Have been coming for tutoring since my freshman year. My tutor has been great, she is knowledgeable, encouraging and has been a joy to learn from this semester."


"Great instructor - always made everyone included and made sure we knew the material."

"Very helpful when it comes to more clarification on certain topics. Always left feeling smarter than when I walked in the door."

"Awesome tutor! She has helped me so much and she gave me really good study tips, too!"

"She has been extremely helpful this semester and it has led to me getting A's on all of my papers so far."

"She is great at explaining things and making us think for ourselves."

"I thoroughly enjoy my tutor sessions here. I love having new tips and ways to learn when I am struggling. It gives me a new perception on things."

"This has been very helpful, and I feel better prepared for my course."

"SI sessions are really helpful and really increase my ability to do better on exams."

"The tutors are really good, they actually are a big help and I learn the material easier when I have their help."

"She is very good at actually teaching you and not just telling you."

"Love my tutor! She supports me and gives me helpful techniques on understanding certain terms and ideas."

"I really appreciate the AARC!"

"Walk-in tutoring can be a little hectic at times. But everyone's is always friendly and willing to help."

"AMAZING!! Helped so much, always left feeling better about my class."

"She is really positive and encouraging no matter what is going on, even when I have no idea what the material is going over."

"AARC is a great place!"

"I love the AARC and its atmosphere."

"She had all her SIs planned out and would explain things in different ways if people were confused."


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