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The Joint Admission Medical Program


Think you can’t afford med school? Think again.

The Joint Admission Medical Program makes it possible for highly qualified but economically disadvantaged Texas high school and college students to pursue careers in medicine.

The JAMP program offers scholarships and stipends to undergraduates. JAMP students who meet eligibility requirements are accepted to a Texas medical school and awarded a full four-year scholarship.

Each year, SFA accepts two qualified students into the JAMP program.

The benefits of JAMP

Students accepted into the JAMP program receive financial and academic support designed to help them succeed at SFA and continue on to medical school:

  • $1,000 scholarship per semester (starting in spring semester of sophomore year)
  • $1,500 stipend per summer for internships at medical schools (sophomore and junior years)
  • Access to tutoring, mentoring and technology starting in the fall of freshman year
  • Guaranteed admission and a full, four-year scholarship to a Texas state medical school (for students who meet academic requirements)


High school students interested in applying for JAMP must:

  • Earn an SAT or ACT score that is equal to or greater than the state mean (check out the most current scores)
  • Graduate from high school or from a home school program
  • Begin coursework at SFA (or any other participating Texas university) in the fall semester immediately following graduation from high school
  • Be Pell Grant-eligible or have an estimated family contribution of $8,000 or less
  • Complete and submit the FAFSA before the start of their freshman year at SFA

To qualify for JAMP at the university level, students must:

  • Complete 27 semester hours of credit during their freshman year (this can include a maximum of three advanced placement hours)
  • Have a GPA of 3.25 or higher

How to apply

Interested in applying for JAMP? Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Fill out and submit your "Notice of Intent to Apply" form to SFA’s JAMP director in Kennedy Auditorium, Room 101
  • Complete your online JAMP application at Applications are available May 1 and must be completed by Sept. 29. Expect to spend about two hours completing your application. Have the documents you’ll need ready, including:
    • Your Social Security number
    • Proof of residency
    • Financial records and documents
    • High school and university transcripts and class rank
    • FAFSA reports
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • ACT and/or SAT scores

Maintaining JAMP status

Once accepted into the program, students must meet several requirements to maintain their JAMP status at SFA, including:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment at SFA (minimum of 12 semester hours per semester)
  • Maintain a science and overall GPA of 3.25
  • Complete all medical school prerequisites at SFA with a grade of “C” or higher. These prerequisites include:
    • 14 hours of biology (BIO 131, 133, 241 and 327)
    • 16 hours of chemistry (CHE 133/L, 134/L, 331/L and 332/L)
    • 8 hours of physics (PHY 131 and PHY 132)
    • 6 hours of freshman English composition and rhetoric (ENG 131 and 132 or 135)
    • 3 hours of math (MTH 220 or MTH 233)
  • Complete two summer medical internships following sophomore and junior years (a pre-matriculation internship following the senior year may also be required by the accepting medical school)
  • Progress towards completing a bachelor's degree within four years (without summer school this requires a course load of 16-17 hours per semester)
  • Take the Medical College Admissions Test in the spring of the junior year
  • Meet at least monthly with the SFA JAMP director and at least weekly with both course tutors and pre-medical upperclassmen mentors



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