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Faculty Senate Roster

Faculty Senate group photo 2023

Senate Roster

2024-2025 Faculty Senate Roster

2023-2024 Faculty Senate Officers group photo

Faculty Senate officers


Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Rebecca Kidd, associate professor, forestry, 2026
Emily Payne, lecturer/non-tenure-track, agriculture, 2025
Leland Thompson, associate professor, agriculture, 2025

College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Arye Chakravartty, associate professor, history, 2025
Lisa Bentley, lecturer, history, 2026
Kyle Conlon, associate professor, psychology, 2027
Hunter Hampton, assistant professor, history, 2026
Ericka Hoagland, associate professor, English, 2025
Mohammad Khan, assistant professor, social work, 2027
Louise Stoehr, professor, languages, 2027
Tyler Welsh, assistant professor, mass communication, 2026

College of Sciences and Mathematics

Brian Barngrover, associate professor, chemistry, 2027
Michelle Klein, clinical instructor/non-tenure-track, nursing, 2025
Julie Bloxson, assistant professor, earth sciences and geologic resources, 2025
Jason Bruck, assistant professor, biology, 2026
Alexandra Martynova-Van Key, professor, biology, 2026
Bidisha Sengupta, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry, 2025

James I. Perkins College of Education

Todd Barrios, instructor, human sciences, 2027
Jennifer Cantu, associate professor, human sciences, 2027
Amber Chelette, assistant professor, kinesiology and health science, 2027
Flóra Faragó, associate professor, human sciences, 2027
Sarah Straub, associate professor, education studies, 2026
Lindsey Kennon, associate professor, education studies, 2025

Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts

CC Conn, professor, school of theatre and dance, 2023
Herbert Midgley, lecturer/non-tenure-track, school of music, 2026
Mario Ajero, professor, school of music, 2026
Haley Hoss-Jameson, assistant professor, school of theatre and dance, 2026
Jacob Walburn, assistant professor, school of music, 2025

Nelson Rushe College of Business

David Kaiser, program director and instructor, economics and finance, 2027
Chris McKenna, associate professor, business communications and legal studies, 2027
Rajat Mishra, associate professor, management and marketing, 2027
Wenjing Li, assistant professor, management and marketing, 2025


The Faculty Senate
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